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Yay! It took a while but my little tin of pepper from the grocery store finally ran out – which means I get to go buy a pepper mill all of my very own! (I feel so grown up) I think I’m going to get a matching sea salt grinder. I don’t really like the traditional pepper grinder shape made out of New! and Modern! clear acrylic, though I suppose it is nice to see how much pepper is left. I am leaning towards this set – the infamous pepper ball because you can grind pepper into the pot with one hand so you don’t have to stop stirring your sauce. I have never made a sauce so I don’t know how valuable that feature is to me. These kind of match the multi-colored kitchen and dishes thing I have going on. Or I could go traditional.

update: Oooh has a very nice selection.

I need your recommendations! Oh wise chef type people which pepper mill fulfills your dreams and makes your life easier? (as well as scrubbing tile and eliminating acne)

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I work on a keyboard all day long and I avoid using moisturizer on my dry hands because I can’t stand getting the spacebar greasy, so yesterday I broke down and bought a stick of Mustela baby moisturizer – the Hydra Stick. It’s in a mini deodorant-type container. I can apply it without getting my fingertips slimy! I’ll let you know if I end up liking it or not. I think these little sticks were trendy a while back with celebrities for thier lips (this vague memory is supported by the fact that I could only find this is a beauty supply store, not a drugstore). Although it smells (lightly) like old fashioned lipstick (is it the castor oil? candellila wax?) so I wouldn’t want to. Anyone got any other ideas for this little problem? What do you use?

I could make my own, I suppose. Majestic Mountain Sage has easy instructions on how to make a lotion bar and they sell a little lotion bar tube.

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links gleaned from getcrafty

crafty chica has some cool decorating going on

archives of crafty gal hold lots of projects

archives of the chickclick craft + diy section

sew geeky sewing journal

dollheads nice bottlecap tin

Do you have a favorite site you love and adore and cannot bear to think it might all end someday? Send it to me (because, you know, I get bored at work).

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i troll martha stewart so you don’t have to: weddings

a co-worker of mine is planning a wedding so we do a lot of wedding surfing around here (don’t tell my boss)

Martha by Mail sells glass topped favor containers which are watchmaker’s containers – here a few places where you can find them cheaper:

lee valley

(thanks to the long lost thread at the message boards of get crafty for the heads up on that one)

american science and surplus

Tops Malibu sells pretty sets of sparklers in long thin containers – this is an easy diy.

I dig the stuff Plum Party has for the bridal shower and the good fortune party, don’t forget the diamond rings

I have to put my favorite cake here as well, this is a poor picture, the actual cake is huge and vibrant, the place that makes it sprinkles edible iridescent glitter all over it

alice in wonderland cake

and one day I shall make these: sugar bubbles!

there are a few extra instructions in the third question of this chat transcript

if you’re sick of it all check out the message boards at IndieBride, you are not alone – good links too

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I’m looking into adding comments to these posts here! yay! But, I am at work all day so it won’t happen today. I have a few things to finish up, then I move onto Halloween stuff!

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I really really like the way my sea vegetable soap from Lush smells, so very squeaky clean yummy – and it’s a gorgeous blue green color. It makes me so happy I’ve been washing my hands quiet a lot lately. I like it so much you have to listen to me blather about it.

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tee hee!

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RealSimple has up an article on why to buy organic fruits which is pretty frightening, and, something I found very helpful, how to buy, prepare and eat exotic fruits along with description of the taste.

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StyleSalon offers instructions on a variety of projects and offer some nice little kits.

Be aware: they are mostly trying to sell you the kits.

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Oooh nice little cottage industry cosmetics and soaps at pick*y

via jejune bits


Reuse your countless plastic shopping bags and make a bag bed (check out the weaving techniques and other things you can make)

via strange brew

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Who knew that epsom salt could repel racoons, clear your pores and clean your bathroom tile?! Who knew there was an Epsom Salt Council?

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The Better Homes and Gardens people have started a magazine targeted at the post-college, apartment dwelling generation – Living Room Magazine. It’s full of bright colors, but with articles on how to make the Ikea look (called Scandi Pop) work, and this spread which shows that by adding color your studio apartment can gain 1000 square feet!!!!(apparantly) I feel a like they are trying to sell me on the material culture. Buuuut, they have quick little recipes, some nice how to and about, and don’t entirely ignore that people have sex.

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What I Am Up To: The failed kitchen window experiment has come down (off the window) — I’m going experiment this week with a few suggestions – egg white and paper, epsom salt disolved in flat beer (I have an open bowl of bud light in my fridge, supposedly flattening), contact paper, and (not willing to give up just yet) tissue paper and starch. Whatever method wins also goes on the bedroom window and replaces the crayon pressing near the dining window (which is falling off). I’ll leave all four up all week to test duratility.

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Low and Tight offer a nice product and operate on the rules of ethiculture. I am eager to see what else come from these people. Warning: flash. thanks to colin

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thinking about halloween (already): When I was eight my mom made Tron costumes for my brother and I. Sweatsuits covered with metalic and glow in the dark tape, and done up bicycle helmets. We were the coolest. (And, much to my mother’s reassurance, we were very glow in the dark.) She did a really good job, they looked nice. Thanks mom!

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