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More from I Troll Martha Stewart So You Don’t Have To — I’m putting this here for my own reference closer to the holidays: sugar cube house.

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Homemade modeling clay from I Troll Martha Stewart So You Don’t Have To. My mother used to make something like this but simply used flower, salt and water, which would dry out quickly.

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Plans for this week include homemade macaroni and cheese and those malt-ball ice cream bombes from the current Martha magazine. I loooove them because they qualify nicely as Food That Looks Like Other Food. I’ll take pics of the ice cream if it turns out!

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I added some photos and some recent notes to the lip balm and bath bombs pages

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If you are going to buy me a present please buy me this egg cracker, thank you.

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Mmmmm. Pink grapefruit gelatin.

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nice corsets – via epitomegirl

warning: inappropriate-for-work image on very first page and pretty much throughout

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I have seen these a few other places message in a bottle

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I Troll Martha Stewart So You Don’t Have To:

how to make crystallized pansies

mini cobblers

poached egg over grits

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What I am thinking about: using liquid starch as a temporary window treatment to frost our upper kitchen window so we can get light into the room but not feel like the neighbors above are watching. I can find a lot of projects involving liquid starch and tissue paper to form images or a stained glass effect, but in this case I would prefer a thin coat of white (it’s a fairly dark kitchen). But I want to make sure I can get it off very easily when we move out. I cannot find any instructions on how to clean off when you’re done. Soapy water? Where do I get liquid starch? If you have any advice, lemme know, thanks!

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I would actually like to smell this guy.

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I am a sucker for novelty jewelry:

Wordstretch rubber bracelets now with write-on kits

Glogear !as seen on the necks of celebrities!


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what I love today

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Food That Looks Like Other Food


I Troll So You Don’t Have To

watermellon shaped ice cream bombe

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Childhood Regression

make-your-own candy jewelry kit

and stick-on belly button jewels

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hand and brain gelatin molds

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interlocking bone skeleton candies

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I know it’s been around forever but just this last Christmas I saw the recipe-in-a-jar gift thing (I know, where have I been?). I love this thing!! You can find a lot of recipes on this page. I saw an Irish soda bread recipe in a pint bottle for St. Patrick’s Day.

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Rebecca points us to these delicious sites from her domestic page: Gothic Martha Stewart and Gothic Gardening

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