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My name is Megan, I live in Seattle, WA with Scott and a clover plant. Which I might have killed last week. I post pages here on how to make things, and keep some photos here at Flickr and you can even find me on Twitter.

Not Martha the web site has been around since 2001 so most of the how to make stuff pages are pretty old, consequently links to suppliers and other sites may have gone bad. You’ve been warned.

Not Martha has been mentioned by Fred Flare and Daily Candy and was called one of the Coolest Websites of 2006 by Time.

Some people have interviewed me (I’m so flattered!). You can read them if you’d like: interview by Rebecca Blood, interview by Leah Peah and interview at Craft Boom, wherein I show off that I know who Elsa Schiaparelli was.

A little bit of disclosure: When I link to stuff on Amazon from this site it’s often an affiliate link, which means I get a small percentage if you choose to buy something. No pressure. The money goes to help cover hosting costs for this here website.

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Not Martha
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I have two cameras, which I’m currently trying to become better at using. For home and situations I’d like to really capture I have the Canon Rebel XSi, a small DSLR, and I bought the much-recommended Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens which I have not had enough time to play with. You can read more about what I learned while researching this camera and how I chose it.

My bring-with-me-everywhere camera is the Canon S90, it’s tiny, works well in low light and shoots in RAW. I really like it. And I really like the little boxy leather case I splurged on, it’s easy to get the camera in and out of, and makes me feel a bit fancy. I had considered a few small cameras but after reading more about the S90 and holding both it and the G11 in my hands, the S90 seemed just perfect for toting around with me.

This website is run using WordPress and a modified Cutline theme.

This site was moved into WordPress in December of 2006 and consequently some of the formatting (bolded words and some image placement) in earlier entries has been messed up. Forgive me, I’m too lazy to fix them all.

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