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to make: knitting update

yarn: pink and orange varigated Geisha – 2 balls

needles: 5 mm (No.8) Clover bamboo

pattern: garter stitch, cast on 19

and: It didn’t wear very well, it looks ragged, but I like it and still wear it. It pulled itself quite long and thin.

yarn: Online Scala – yellow, green, orange varigated – 2 balls

needles: 5 mm (No.8) Clover bamboo

pattern: single rib, cast on 16

and: This is my ugly scarf, I love it. I call it the goulash scarf because the colors remind me of the veggie mix I used to get in my middle school cafeteria. I used a rib stitch to get a faux stockinette look, sorta. It pulled itself long and thin.

yarn: black Zucca – 2 balls

needles: 5 mm (No.8) Clover bamboo

pattern: seed (cast on an odd number, knit one, purl one… end row with knit one; do each row that way), cast on 21 (not sure)

and: My favorite! This is a complete redo of this scarf. It has held up pretty well, didn’t get as raggedly looking as the two above. And it shows fewer signs of pulling itself long, perhaps for the same reasons I had trouble unravelling the first version of this scarf. I actually made it wider than I wanted in anticipation of it pulling thin. It is also the softest. And, as I found out one rainy trip to Mount Rushmore, I don’t have to worry about getting it wet (unlike wool, I mean).

yarn: pink and orange varigated Geisha – 4 balls

needles: 10 mm (no.15) Clover bamboo circular 36″

pattern: cast on 80 stitches, work in the round all the way up, cast off very very loosely

and: This was made on a long road trip and is a combination of having more pink and orange Geisha and not wanting to make more scarves. I found a yarn shop in one of the towns we stopped in and got the needles, I wish I had gotten 24″, 36″ was definetely too long. At first I wanted to recreate a shawl I have which is wool and itchy, but I decided a tube would be more fun. This is basically a big tube, with some extra yarn wound in as a drawstring at the neckline. Part of the way through I figured out that if I controlled my tension just a little it made orange stripes spiralling up. I’m most likely going to take this all apart and try again with some sort of real poncho pattern. It is very warm, very soft, and perfect for watching tv. It doesn’t seem to be getting ratty looking, perhaps the more open size of the stitches is all it needed.

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  • 1 Fairy Princess Clothing // Feb 16, 2016 at 10:12 am

    The tube looks wonderful and warm ;) I love how you tell your story – it sounds so fun! Hope I become successful at trying out some knitting soon..

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