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Here I’ve collected stuff I’ve made, most have step by step instructions and all the stuff you shouldn’t do that I found out the hard way.

Create a Valentine’s Day treasure hunt, three ideas to surprise your love.
Star shaped foods for your Oscars Party, festive snacking.
DIY Secret Decoder Invitations, create a bit of excitement right from the start.
Illusion Christmas Tree, a tree made using strings of lights and a big mirror.
Valentine’s Day Surprise Cracker, after all it takes two to open it.
3D Christmas Tree Cookies, they interlock and stand up on their own.
Dahlia Flower Brooch, created from felt and made for especially for Mother’s Day. (Originally created for Holidash and reposted here when it shut down.)
Christmas Tree Ornament Mobile, a Christmas tree created entirely from hanging ornaments.
DIY Solar Christmas Wreath, an automatic on/off wireless wreath created using solar powered LED string lights.
Cozy Mug Wrap, easy to make a great to give. Created for Real Simple.
Decorated Paper Lantern, made using tissue paper and lanterns left over from a wedding reception and good old Elmer’s glue. Created for Make, Grow, Gather.
Personalized Car Kit for Father’s Day to make dad into a superhero. Created for Holidash.
so fun, and easy to make Easter Surprise Eggs a re-do of the originals in saturated colors
the Kinder Surprise eggs were my inspiration Chocolate Easter Surprise Eggs like a Kinder Egg made inside a real egg shell
surprise balls
my very own marble magnets
magnetic fridge pen holder from a gum tin
tiny pinata gift container thingies
ridiculously easy wine glass charms
easter surprise eggs
party crackers
B.O.B. a sweater meant solely to wear while firmly planted on a couch
Central Park Hoodie
ribby cardi, a pattern from Chicknits, my second one
ribby cardi, a pattern from Chicknits
cotton candy hat mmm, cotton yarn
funny hat
Hallowig a wig for Halloween, made from cheap acrylic yarn for that practical-for-one-night-a-year budget
Villa a very easy poncho, at Knitty
Shocking Pink Coif hat like thing, at Knitty
vegan fox for my mom
organic cotton man scarf for my dad
my second striped scarf
a mid-summer knitting update
my third knitted thing! a complete failure!
my second knitted thing! another fuzzy scarf
my first knitted thing ever!
my very own costume shop cutting table
making a skirt out of a pair of jeans
hostess snack cake sushi
jello fruit
Flower Shaped Pancakes, to make for your very favorite person
Firecracker Chocolate Pudding, a spicy pudding in small jars all ready to take to your picnic. Created for iVillage.
surprisingly charming cobbler baked in jars perfect for bake sales and picnics
a tiny gingerbread house that perches on the edge of your mug
partridge in a pear tree, in gingerbread
pies baked in tiny jars
cups made out of bacon
tiny donuts
birthday cupcakes, the event
birthday cupcakes, test two
birthday cupcakes, test one
itty bitty cupcakes
tiny pies, made in mini muffin tins
how to poach an egg at flickr
Tentacle Pot Pies, deliciously creepy. Created for Babble.
Glowing Trick Or Treat Bags, using glow sticks as a light source primarily to light up the candy inside. Created for Holidash.
meat hand
pumpkin pancakes with cinnamon syrup
spider cakes
creepy crawly cakes
halloween cupcakes
pumpkin favors
shoe rack for a tight space
door draft stopper or stuffer? at flickr
my kitchen wall storage (also at flickr)
homemade sun jar
when do I cut my lavender?
adventures in making lip balm
how i make bath bombs
  solid bubble bath
  ever-so-gentle facial scrub