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The Daring Book for Girls

I wish this book exisited when I was young. It’s a hefty book full of information (complete with charts, illustrations and pictures) on a huge variety of topics – historical figures, karate stances, tide charts, how to paddle a canoe, how to build a campfire, the rules of all sorts of games, and profiles of modern princesses. I cannot think of a better gift for every single girl you know, no matter what her age.

hot cocoa made from Green & Black’s Cocoa Powder

Unable to find a hot chocolate mix at our small local grocery we settled for cocoa powder. This is the first cocoa I’ve made by mixing cocoa powder, milk and sugar that tastes like a yummy drink and not cocoa powder, milk and sugar mixed together. It’s good.

lemon poppyseed icebox shortbread cookies

When making large batches for cookie swaps, I find that freeze/slice/bake cookies eliminate the potential for holiday frustration-fueled feelings of inadequacy.

large painted canvas tote bag from Old Navy

I use extra large tote bags to carry packages to the post office. This painted tote offers a bit of waterproofness to the bottom. The handles and stitching are that yellow green, and it’s very sturdy. Happy me. (p.s. I could not find this one in the stores.)


This game was made by the same people who did Shadow of the Colossus, but it came a few years earlier. I’m glad I tracked down a copy, the setting — a huge castle you need to find your way out of — is breathtaking. It’s one of those rare games that is well put together, completely engaging and sweepingly romantic.

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a good under eye concealer
I’m wondering about Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage, maybe Benefit’s Boi-ing. I know I know, nobody has found the perfect under eye concealer yet but that can’t stop a girl from trying.

kitchen scale
I want to use it for baking as well as buying postage online and avoiding those inevitable Post Offices lines (and broken automatic postal machines).

seriously considering:
Hairdo extension
One of the reasons I’m upset about my recent way-too-short haircut is that I have a fancy dress event to attend in January and I was really looking forward to being able to do something with my hair. So, yeah, I’m seriously considering buying some fake hair for the night. And yeah, it’s Jessica Simpson-approved fake hair. So, yeah.

Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious
As long as I’m growing out my hair I might as well play with it. Bumble & Bumble’s Curl Conscious has been recommended by a few people, and I’m starting with the travel sized set for loose waves.

Did you know it’s pronounced keen-wah? Did you know it’s a very old grain, it’s full of protein and it’s really really good for you? Quinoa keeps coming across my radar and I give, I’ll learn how to cook it already.

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Flip video recorder
This little thing is super easy to use, the results are fantastic and it downloads video to your computer via a built in USB connector. The videos are already in Quicktime format ready to be watched or loaded to YouTube. It’s brilliant, it’s like the benevolent web gods have smiled upon us, it’s like somebody loves you. It also comes in colors like orange and pink. Ok, I think I need to calm down a little bit.

roasted chicken from Gluten-Free Girl
I’ve roasted chicken by stuffing a lemon in the cavity before, but this recipe was divine. Next I’m making the Roasted Cauliflower with Smoked Paprika and Cocoa Powder. Oh yum.

on a Sigg water bottle
The little handle thing is just too convenient.

Pomaire Yarn by Araucania
Pima cotton, hand painted. I’m very curious to touch this. Thanks for the note about it Heather!

Stumptown Coffee
Holler Mountain Blend, so satisfying.

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Eton FR300 emergency radio
With a hand crank, flashlight, cell phone charger, and the ability to listen in on broadcast tv stations. Last week we had a very minor windstorm and half our neighborhood lost power, so I figure we’ll spend at least a few days this winter hand cranking our way to NPR. I admit I need this less to save me from lack of communications, and more to save me from boredom while I lack internet access. The Wall Street Journal called it the best emergency radio. Also, it comes in red and silver and orange.

I like to make pumpkins that are worried, Scott likes to make pumpkins that antagonize mine.

Minea Farm fruit leather
The plum is really good. Minea Farm makes cider on a century old press, it’s really good too.

Maldon sea salt
We had used up the last of our old sea salt and the poached eggs this morning just weren’t as good.

Blue Bottle coffee
The beans smell so good.

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Heroes Season One
By the end of Chapter Four we were kicking ourselves for wasting all that time watching Lost last year.

Sahale snacks
Grown up trail mix for our road trip.

Pinot Grigio
Sipping from our (admittedly varietal inappropriate) Riedel Bordeaux tumblers, which I totally love. This is a good white wine, and I usually don’t like whites. Serve it to your guests and don’t show them the box.

Oh winery maps, I heart you.

They are so pretty I’m more inclined to use them as impromptu mosaics for my desk, thank to Domicile for sending along!

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Casino Royale
A good vacation film.

Uno Attack
Attack Uno! Also really good for vacation.

Moo stickers
Scott had these made for his new album pre-orders.

Princess Academy
On the recommendation of Bookshelves of Doom. (p.s. Avoid the full cast audiobook of this one.)

breaking out:
mulling spices
Autumn is here! Yay!

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Riedel O wine tumblers
Vinum shape at Vivant prices. This purchase was brought about by my finding a very nice wine glass at a thrift shop and discovering it makes all wine taste better. The gorgeous thrift store glass was tragically broken last weekend (I knew it couldn’t last) so new wine glasses are in order.

Breyers Triple Chocolate Ice Cream
About as mmm as grocery store ice cream can get.

Comfort yarn by Berroco
This is a 50/50 acrylic/nylon yarn that doesn’t feel like anything other than soft, I’m hoping it will make a good sweater. There are lots of very grown up shades. I feel like somebody is finally paying attention to my cries for a good synthetic yarn.

My Boring-Ass Life
Kevin Smith’s fascinatingly candid online diary all bound up and published. (p.s. You can buy a signed version here.)

still seeking:
new glasses
I’m still looking for new glasses. These frames from Modo are cool but didn’t quite look right on me.

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The United States of Arugula: How We Became a Gourmet Nation

In The Pink soap from Kiss My Face
This smells so good.

Cinnamon Puffins cereal
When Clotilde was here on her book tour for Chocolate & Zucchini somebody in the audience asked her if there was any food she would buy in the US to take back to France with her, and she said Cinnamon Puffins. I’m glad she did because it’s a great cereal that I hadn’t tried before.

a bicycle!
I want a Townie, or something similar. No long trail rides for this girl.

Knytt Stories
A new game from Nifflas, I adored Knytt and this one is just as enchanting. Read more about it at Jay Is Games. It’s very worth the download (for Windows, I’m afraid).

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playing with:
my inherited Third Generation iPod
It’s so old I feel like it might crumble if I handle it too much.

listening to:
Savage Lovecast
Good sex advice with a bit of harsh reality where it’s needed.

learning to use:
Can you believe I’ve never used iTunes until now?

also listening to:
A woman confronts her Mr. Darcy obsession, funny and light. Go read this review at Bookshelves of Doom.

Thursday Next: First Among Sequels
Jasper Fforde’s new book, the latest story about Thursday Next set a few years after the last one.

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Baker’s Edge pan
I love this, more later.

getting used to:
new haircut
I went to Derby. I think I like it but it’s so different. (Apologies for the Simpsonized picture, I tried and failed to get a good photograph of my hair.)

Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray
I also got the Surf Spray, I think they work well but I don’t have a huge base for comparison. I’m new to this whole hair styling thing.

looking forward to:
Columbia City Farmers’ Market
More peaches please.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Suicide King
I grabbed this book to read on vacation but didn’t realize this until I’d started reading — it’s a choose your own adventure story. Awesome.

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Lulu Dark and the Summer of the Fox
Modern day teenage girl detective.

flipping through:
the latest Craft Magazine
I love the police line scarf on the front.

going out to see:
The Simpson’s Movie
They tell you which states border the state Springfield is in.

Getting my hair cut, with bangs.
Here is a Simpsonized version of how I hope it looks:

Daymare Town
It’s strange.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Of course.

Neutrogena SPF 45 cooling body mist
Love this stuff.

Columbia Winery Red Willow Vineyard Syrah
A gift from my Mom, thanks Mom!

Haagen-Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding ice cream
Mmm mm.

new glasses
I’m having a lot of trouble finding new frames.

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L’Oreal Sublime Glow for fair skin tones. I had read a lot about how self tanners smell, but this wasn’t too bad. I smelled faintly of beef jerky, which yes, ew, but I was expecting worse. After two days I have some color that doesn’t look fake on my very pale skin.

Knytt, which is completely addicting. Also, I seem to be stuck somewhere underground.

The latest Blueprint magazine

for a really good camera, sigh

3×3 magnetic strips for the kitchen.

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drooling over:
The Great Book of Chocolate by the very charming David Lebovitz

putting down in the planting beds:
chicken wire and free used coffee grounds from Starbucks, both are attempts to discourage the neighborhood cats from coming around

Lakerol pastilles

The Wee Free Men

paging through:
the lastest Blueprint magazine

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Dancing Deer Backing Company Molasses Clove Cookies
Ok, so it’s not quite a summery flavor, but the store didn’t have any strawberry pies.

Dr. Who
We’re hooked after two episodes.

Crystal Palace Circular Knitting Needles
I like the little rotating bit.

Cook’s Illustrated magazine
They like the onion goggles!

Oh boy. Filing. My folders aren’t as fun as these from See Jane Work.

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