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SULTAN’S FINE FABRICS « make something. A secret treasure trove of great fabrics in Toronto.

Where to Drink Beer Outside in Manhattan | Serious Eats: Drinks.

Ten Consignment Shops Every Sample Sale Junkie Should Know – Racked NY. Via Girls of a Certain Age.

5 Tips for Backpacking with Kids | Say Yes to Hoboken. This applies to everybody: “1. Get out of the campgrounds. Trust me. Isn’t the point to get away from people when you camp? They’re very difficult to get a reservation if you’re in a popular area. Like, impossible. Drive just outside any national park and you’re probably in a national forest, wilderness area, multi-use area. You can do what they call ‘dispersed camping’ anywhere around there.”

Need input on the most awesome, strange, memorable places to stay on our road-trip between Seattle to Portland, and then down the coast to San Fran. | Ask MetaFilter.

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links: travel

Questions for Someone Who Recently Rented a Private Island | The Hairpin. I’m putting “rent a bed and breakfast on it’s own island and bring all my friends along” to my neglected life list.

a n h – m i n h . c o m: Semi-Annual Post. She outlines her trips to Dublin and London, lots of places to keep in mind here.

The Arts Factory, Las Vegas | The Everywhereist. A place to seek out the next time I’m in Las Vegas.

Nostalgia in Astoria: Antique Stores and The Goonies | The Everywhereist. Please look closely at the car with the Perot ’92 sticker.

Cruising Seattle on an Electric Boat « Tea & Cookies.

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links: travel

Serendipity at the Juniper Moon Fiber Farm blog. They found themselves at the E. Dehillerin restaurant supply house and it makes me want to plan a trip just to visit that shop.

Where to Eat (and Drink) Outside This Season – The Stranger. Outdoor dining for Seattle, I’ll keep this list close.

What can a guy do in Port Angeles, WA on an average summer day? | Ask MetaFilter. We’ve been trying to get out to bike the Discovery Bay Trail recommended here, and now I have a good restaurant to pair with the trip.

A Whole Lotta Nothing: My trip to Italy. Fantastic suggestions on resources.

What to See and Do in Seattle, Washington | Travel + Leisure.

A Sun of Thread: 84 Miles of String Suspended at MIA by HOT TEA | Colossal. I love that you are meant to lie down and look up at this.

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Posie Gets Cozy: Things to Do in Portland, Oregon.

OnTheWay ― A better way to get there. Help for planning road trips. Via 101 Cookbooks.

Favorite Places as a London Local? | Ask MetaFilter.

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links: travel

Shopping Paris in 8 hours at Oh Happy Day.

hula seventy: there. If I were a better photographer these are the pictures I would have taken during our stay at the Palm Springs Ace earlier this year. Via Shutterbean.

Rue Montorgueil-Les Halles | David Lebovitz. Restaurant supply stores in Paris.

100 Favorite Dishes: Meatloaf Sandwich at Bakeman’s – Seattle Restaurants and Dining – Voracious.

flora and flying – You cannot make this stuff up: Paris for beginners -Part 1.

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links: travel

Two weeks in Italy, from Rome north to Tuscany and back. Where to go? What to do? Where to stay? | Ask MetaFilter.

mirrormirror: Vancouver in Five and mirrormirror: My Hidden New York

boston city guide | Design*Sponge.

Black*Eiffel: Travel log : Portland, Oregon. Lovely spots!

make grow gather – Posts – jem fabric store in nyc.

Offbeat Guide to Seattle Favorite Spots | A Chow Life | Foodie recipes and stories from a Seattle kitchen. Great list of spots!

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A Whole Lotta Nothing: World travel with the unlocked US Verizon iPhone 4S.

Three Practically Perfect Days in Seattle « Tea & Cookies. Everything I love in Seattle is here in Tea’s post.

How to Blend in at the Pub | From China Village.

The Sylvia Beach Hotel « Tea & Cookies. This hotel sounds incredibly delightful, thanks for introducing us to it Tea!

A CUP OF JO: Travel fantasy: Rainbow hotel. We passed this hotel, The Saguaro, when we were in Palm Springs and it looks even more colorful on the inside. I did not realize it was created by the same people who do the Ace hotels.

7 Must-Try Sweets at Chelsea Market, NYC | Serious Eats.

Traveling Sicily – Thoughts & Tips » delicious:days.

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links: travel

Recommendations for unusual travel experiences (not just places) in or near Paris? | Ask MetaFilter. I love the list of things they hope to do.

36 hours in Vancouver, British Columbia – Via Maggi over at Pinterest.

Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Iceland | The Hairpin.

The Book Larder « Tea & Cookies. A whole store devoted to cookbooks and cooking demonstrations here in Seattle.

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Privately owned, publicly treasured: Your favorite hidden spaces | The New York World. Via @laurenbacon.

Golden rules to live by while traveling the world, at Kottke.

New York Shopping, Part Two – The Crafts Dept. Places I want to go!

Five Things to Taste in Chicago | Mighty Girl.

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Rue Montorgueil, at Oh Happy Day.

the Ugly Green Chair: Grand Central Station of the past A photo from before buildings were built that shaded it and prevented the sun from shining in the huge windows like this. Wow. Also, while I was in New York (way back) Grand Central Station was being cleaned and was largely closed off so I must remember to revisit it to see it in all it’s glory.

Lifelist: Go Scuba diving? Check. | Mighty Girl. This inspires me to learn scuba diving, and it’s a good recommendation for a resort.

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The other weekend I got to visit an alpaca farm with friends.

Alpacas have very soft necks. And they like apples.

There were chickens there too. Chicken butt!

We took a walk on the beach at low tide and found lots of things, including a sea cucumber, some tiny crabs, some truly horrifying looking seaweed, the shell above and one very startled heron.

These rocks looked decorated.

Miss you already sweet things!

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What was originally a mileage run to SFO and back has now become a 12 hour vacation in San Franscisco. What would you do in the city if you were me? | Ask MetaFilter.

Cultural Faux Pas: What are some cultural faux pas in New York? – Quora. Via Kottke.

a n h – m i n h . c o m: When in Carmel.

How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight Like a Lady | The Hairpin.

Geek’s Guide to Portland 2011 –

New York Shopping – The Crafts Dept. A little candy with your craft supplies shopping, perfect.

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links: travel

Where should my husband and I have a lovely anniversary dinner in Seattle? | Ask MetaFilter.

Quick! Outdoor NYC spot for beer | Ask MetaFilter.

9 Portland Doughnuts We Love | Serious Eats: Sweets.

Put it on Your List: Washoe House | Mighty Girl. The suggestions from commenters are also fantastic.

mirrormirror: Fancy Hotel of the Week Hotel Monaco, San Francisco. And a recommendation for a great PNW trip planner.

[Contest] Where to Eat at Pike Place Market: A Local’s Perspective | The GastroGnome.

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Project Runway at New York Fashion Week

My day so far in pictures, offered with no commentary because I really need to get some sleep. Shout out to HP for giving me this amazing experience. If you’d like to see more of the Project Runway finale runway show images Tom and Lorenzo have collected them all. They’re spoiler-free since all the remaining contestants presented runway shows.

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Derinkuyu Underground City, Cappadocia. In Turkey. I have a fondness for caves and I bet underground cities would fascinate me. Via this question on Ask Metafilter.

Eat, Pray, Tube: Adrift on the Delaware River | The Awl. This writer’s experience mostly makes me shudder, but then I found myself charting a experience in my own state (Washington) so I could either bitch or praise the experience.

Things to do in New Mexico when you’re working? | Ask MetaFilter.

Design*Sponge guides to Harlem, Queens, and Brooklyn.

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