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Seattle Bloggers Unite meeting tomorrow

I’m talking a little bit about working with ad networks tomorrow night at the Seattle Bloggers Unite meeting. Here are details:

The meetup will take place Tuesday, April 24 — 7 p.m. at Row House Cafe. Here’s the lineup of our distinguished speakers:

  • Megan Reardon & Melanie Bielhe / Ad networks
  • Marie LeBaron / Boutique ads
  • Natasha Jarmick / Affiliate programs
  • Amy Anderson / Sponsored posts

The restaurant is setting out snacks for us so there is an $8 entry fee. More details on the Facebook page. If you are hoping to learn a bit more about these things I hope to see you there!

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Dewit Design Camp coming to Seattle

Dewit Design Camp

Yessss! Super lady AB Chao is bringing her Dewit Design Camp to Seattle in September 15th and 16th. The camp is, I’m just going to quote right from her site here: “A two-day workshop with interior stylist AB Chao, where you’ll learn everything from design basics to magazine-worthy styling.” Which I need, badly. There are rooms in my house I’ve put off decorating for real because I walk in and look around and I’m gripped by the overwhelming sense of just how much I don’t know how to make a room look pretty despite all the time I’ve put in looking at design blogs and Pinterest boards. The class is going to be awesome, sign up soon because it’s also going to be small! You can read more about it, see the Q&A and sign up for the Seattle class right here.

AB Chao is bringing the Dewit Design Camp to a whole lot of cities: New Orleans in May, Austin in June, San Francisco in July, and NYC in October (what a lovely time to be there, I’m officially jealous).

disclosure: I’m getting a discount on the price of the class in exchange for helping spread the word to all of you lovely people.

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Seattle bake sale alert

If you live in Seattle I recommend you head out to visit the Curio Confections bake sale this Thursday and Friday evenings. This bake sale is put on by Maria Friedman who previously owned the (very missed) Curio Confections and she is providing a whole lot of goodies from her own kitchen so expect the offerings to be outstanding.

If you’d like to contribute something you can get in touch with Maria at or 206-979-2442. More info can also be found on Facebook both here and here. See you there?

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book tour for Weekend Handmade is coming through Seattle

Weekend Handmade book party at Dry Soda in Seattle

Yay! The book tour for Kelly Wilkinson’s book Weekend Handmade is coming to Seattle on Thursday, November 17th. The party will be at Dry Soda and it’s free. I’ll be there, you should come too!

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Skillet Street Food

Last weekend we escaped from our poor beaten up house and had a mid afternoon meal at the Skillet Street Food diner. They make bacon jam and started the business in an Airstream. I found a new favorite beer, Port Brewing Wipeout IPA. This also marks the first time I had been served beer in a jar.

This is a Fried Chicken Sandwich with “fennel seed crust, pickled and charred jalapeño aioli, kale, potato bread”. It’s even better than it sounds. And there is kale so it is good for you. No, it is. Be quiet.

That day we lucked into the booth in the corner and among our views of hipsters walking adorable dogs was this view of a hipster talking on the phone while perched on a fire hydrant. As Scott said, it was like we were in Portland.

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We found the pit!

Last weekend Scott and I rode our bicycles, Wheatley and GLaDOS respectively, along a few trails. We do not recommend the “Green to Cedar River Trail” as it is loose gravel and very difficult to bike on and especially because it’s all uphill on the way back. Whew. But we did pass this sign. Wait, I’ll get it in more detail for you:

Pit park! We found an actual pit being turned into a park! It made the whole ride worth it.

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School House Craft Conference

School House Craft

In September I’ll be speaking at School House Craft and I couldn’t be more excited. School House Craft will be three days, September 23rd, 24th and 25th, filled with classes on how to run and grow your creative business. It grew from a conference, CCE, held here in Seattle last year and that conference left me feeling very energized and inspired. If you are thinking of starting a small creative business or hoping to expand your current one I highly recommend this conference. You can find more about it, read about the teachers, classes, and join them on Facebook. Topics will span from marketing, branding, book publishing, photography. You can also have your shop reviewed to get some useful feedback.

I’ll be talking about Blogging 101 with Blair Peters, Wisecraft, and Molly Wizenberg, Orangette and I’m so flattered to be in such fantastic company. This is gonna be good. Come join us!

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Mastica gelato at Fainting Goat

The other week I tried Mastica gelato at Fainting Goat here in Seattle. Mastica is, according to the menu, a tree resin from the Greek Aisle Kronos, and according to the Greek friend I happened to be there with it’s a traditional flavor. I expected it to taste like juniper or pine, or maybe to taste the way that pad of resin smells when a violinist resins their bow. But it wasn’t like any of those things. It was delicate and herbal and not too sweet. Sort of refreshing, very interesting. I’m so glad I didn’t go with the chocolate I had been thinking about on the way in.

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two bike rides

Scott and I went on bike rides both Saturday and Sunday. It felt indulgent. Here is a list of what we saw:

  • two weddings
  • a game of cricket
  • the sign shown above (which I had to investigate because all I can see is a pair of eyes with heavy eyebrows, as in: “be warned that we give disapproving looks to those who skateboard here”)
  • many people tubing down a shady river on which was likely the hottest day of the year
  • a cute hipster geek with skinny jeans wielding some serious camera equipment at a tiny bird
  • a massive soccer meet
  • a sign that said “No Trespassing – Private Trail” which we completely ignored didn’t see at all
  • a guy on old school roller skates (he didn’t have a Walkman or a sweatband around his forehead, I checked)
  • a bald eagle
  • Mount Rainier and Mount Baker viewed with fields in the foreground and no cars in sight
  • Redmond’s first school bell (which I almost broke trying to ring)
  • a piece of large public art called “Portal II” (which I almost broke trying to climb on)
  • a bronze sculpture of a woman sitting on an invisible chair (which I almost broke by attempting to sit on)
  • a rather lovely other world that exists along bike trails just next to rivers hidden from the streets by fields and buildings

Whenever we find an empty circle shaped bit of path or parking lot we ride around and around, sometimes going opposite directions and having conversations in two or three word sections. (“Remember that time” “we were camping” “in Yosemite and” “we heard wolves howling” “and thought they” “might want to” “eat us?”) That’s my favorite part.

If you live in Seattle and are curious about the rides: This weekend we took the Sammamish River Trail from Marymoor Park in Redmond to Red Hook Brewery in Woodinville, where we had lunch and beer, and back. This is a highly recommended trip and wasn’t too long. If you time it right you can take one of their beer tours and have lunch, and possibly more beer. The next day we took the Cedar River Trail, where we recommend parking in the lot just east of and sort of beneath 405. The trail northward through Renton and to the water at the bottom of Lake Washington is walk-only most of the way (a lovely walk though!) and if you bike the streets you’ll need to cross some busy intersections and it’s not fun at all. So park in that lot and head south-ish and there is a really lovely bit through a wooded section and then the trail is sandwiched between the river and Maple Valley Highway. It wasn’t the most interesting out there but it wasn’t crowded, had plenty of places to stop, and had straight enough sections that you could build up some speed and let your mind wander. The King County Bicycling Guidemap has been really useful, but do look for warnings on trail pages, the Green River Trail is currently closed to bicycle traffic which happily we noticed before we went all the way out there.

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one view from the Space Needle

the Columbia Tower as seen from the Space Needle

Last month I took a picture of the Space Needle from the Columbia Tower Observation Deck (also shown below). Last night I happened to find myself on top of the Space Needle, so I took a picture of the Columbia Tower to compare. They both seem tiny from these vantage points. Hello tiny self way over there!

the view

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Urban Craft Uprising wrap-up

We went to Urban Craft Uprising on Saturday and on the way I discovered that there was no memory card in my camera, so I didn’t get to take any pictures. But I did find a bunch of businesses that I liked:

Coatt jewelry with small round beads and long skinny beads spelling out messages in morse code

Morse code necklaces by Coatt. (Secret messages!)

Row Boat Press poster of a night sky

Posters by Row Boat Press, this Night Flight diptych is also glow in the dark.

Foamy Wader quartz necklace

Simple jewelry by Foamy Wader. I bought myself these in silver, they are delightfully light weight.

Polly Danger polka dotted bias tape

Really fun bias tape from Polly Danger.

Alisha Louise pull through necklace with leaf shapes

Gorgeous enameled jewelry by Alisha Louise, you get to chose your color for each piece. I have my eye on this pull-though necklace.

Muchodesign shriveled chiffon earrings, like feathers

These chiffon earrings from Muchodesign, she had a whole tree of them and they were delightfully flitty. Is that a word?

Sternlab LED kit with batter, leds and conductive thread

An LED Sewing Kit from Sternlab which was sold by the lovely Moxie, who offers this Needle Felted Coin Cell Battery Pack tutorial so you can create your own glowy pendant.

Dottyspeck necklace with a simple, almost Orla-ish design

Jewelry by Dottyspeck. I have some earrings similar to this design that I picked up from the CakeSpy Shop and adore them.

See also: I listed businesses I went to see there in a previous post. Love them all.

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Urban Craft Uprising this weekend!

Urban Craft Uprising July 9th and 10th at Seattle Center

Urban Craft Uprising is this weekend here in Seattle! They are stuffed full of my favorite vendors, here are just a few:

There are so many vendors this time around that I have not heard of, and lots of them are foods (ice cream! cake pops! preserves! gluten-free treats!).

update: See which businesses I found and loved at the show.

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Giant Jenga at the Georgetown Carnival

Last month we went to the Georgetown Carnival here in Seattle. There was a giant community Jenga game set up and I managed to be there to watch it fall twice.

giant Jenga game,falling giant Jenga game,falling
giant Jenga game,falling giant Jenga game,falling
giant Jenga game,falling giant Jenga game,falling
giant Jenga game,falling giant Jenga game,falling

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photo: typical

the view

It’s not well known but one of the best views in Seattle is from the Observation Deck of the Columbia Tower (one of our skyscrapers). To get there you take a bank of elevators up to one floor and transfer over to another bank of elevators and, hold on, what do you find as you’re walking past? A Starbucks! A Starbucks with a pretty great view.

Above is one of the first views that greets you from the Observation Deck. I’ve circled the Space Needle in orange to show you how tiny it seems from the Columbia Tower. See? Cute.

a Starbucks sign

Here is the proof of the Starbucks. It’s free to get up to it, by the way.

To get to the observation deck you take the bank of elevators in the North Lobby to the 40th floor, pass by that Starbucks, then take those elevators to the 73rd floor. Follow the signs to the left. It’s about $5 per person to get in and then you find yourself looking down at the Space Needle, which is pretty cool. The views are nearly 360 degrees and on a clear day you can see all the surroundings mountains. It’s far cheaper than the Space Needle, involves a whole lot less waiting and zero souvenir photographs. (The Space Needle, though, does have glass elevators and a rotating restaurant.) It’s one of my favorite places to bring visitors. And not just to show off that yes we really do have Starbucks everywhere.

update: Not too long after this I found myself taking a picture of the Columbia Tower from the top of the Space Needle for comparison.

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a few things

Earlier this month Product Body offered a discount code and a few people had some trouble, so she’s fixed it up and extended the deadline through the end of June. Enter NOTMARTHA15 for 15% off when you’re checking out. Valid for everything on the site except the Scrub of the Month club, use as often as you’d like.

I’ll also mention that School House Craft is still offering 20% off for any ticket combination to the conference. Enter notmartha when you buy your tickets. This will be good up until the event (in September!).

And finally there is a pretty neat thing happening here in Seattle this Thursdsay, June 16th:

Moveable Type coming to Seattle’s Central District!
June 16th, 5-8pm
at Miss Cline Press shop
2370 East Cherry (cherry & 23rd ave)

Join us for a printing party to welcome the Moveable Type national tour on its first stop in Seattle.

Moveable Type is a mobile print shop built into the back of an old delivery truck. The truck is owned by Kyle Durrie, the proprietor of Power and Light Press in Portland, Oregon. Kyle is starting a 9+ month tour across North America. The idea is to combine her two passions of traveling and printing. Now, the truck is ready and the adventure is just beginning. Her first stop in Seattle will be in the heart of Central District at Miss Cline Press shop.

During her trip, Kyle will be visiting schools, art spaces, city parks, music and arts festivals, craft shows, parties, and anywhere else that has an interest in learning about printing the old fashioned way.

Moveable Type will be setting up its mobile print shop outside Miss Cline Press on Thursday, June 16th for an evening of printing demos, studio/truck tours, and tall tales about life on the road. This event is free and open to the public, and participants can expect to get their hands dirty and make a few prints to take home with them.

A priceless opportunity! Hope to see you there.

More info and tour dates:

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