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Kinder Surprise Egg A Day, Day 1

There are very few things from the UK and Europe that aren’t available in the US. We have Lush, Muji, Uniqlo and even a Boots aisle inside of Target. But Kinder Surprise eggs remain illegal to sell or even bring into the US. So I’m going to open an egg a day in order to get my fix.

The first day we were out I looked for Kinder eggs in the usual convenience stores that we found ourselves in but there weren’t any. I asked the shopkeepers if they carried them and they were all surprised to find that they were out. I took this as bad news and by dinnertime I’d decided that there was probably a worldwide shortage and that I was doomed to remain egg-less during our whole trip. Doomed. Luckily I found plenty of Kinder eggs in a larger grocery store the very next day. Crisis averted! I bought both boy and girl eggs, why does there have to be a difference? Here is my first one:

It’s a nice bright car but it doesn’t do anything special, no spring loaded wheels or launch-y bits. It doesn’t even roll that well. The sheet included with this one comes with a scannable code that I assume does something, except that when I went to the site (which shall be unnamed) it told me the site wasn’t available in this country (I don’t know if it thinks I’m in the US or the UK) so I changed the country to Belgium and now all I see is a page that just says “ooops!” with no option to change anything. We will never know what was behind the secret code. Which is fine, I’m sure it’s just a coupon or something.

Tomorrow, a pink egg!

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