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daily photo: Mar. 20th

[a pack of pink, orange and yellow oversized malt balls]

Malt balls, an impulse purchase because they were so pretty. They taste horrible.

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daily photo: Mar. 19th

the start of a red hat

After a long time of not knitting I’ve restarted a red hat. I’ve knit this one before but have been meaning to make another and keep notes to create a pattern, and to not make quite as many glaring mistakes this time. The original red hat has become my favorite, my earlobes stay warm and somehow it manages to be cute, or at least Scott insists it’s cute and you cannot trust him since insisting I’m cute is sort of his job.

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daily photo: Mar. 17th

two limes

I completely forgot to put up a daily photo on Thursday. Blame St. Patrick’s Day. Or rather, blame the O’Margaritas we drank that night. I went to grab my camera to take a photo, discovered that I had completely filled up the memory card and decided I’d rather drink it than make space on the card to photograph it. And then I drank it and let’s just say it was a potent green drink. Hope your evening was equally as fun.

Semi related: I recently got to the point where my memory card rolled over, if you will, back to numbering photos 0001. Yay for ten thousand photos.

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daily photo: Mar. 16th

fancy pants vanilla

This is the vanilla which I completely forgot to add to the frosting for the Leprechaun Trap Cake.

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daily photo: Mar. 15th

tubes of food coloring in rainbow colors

I’m up to something.

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daily photo: Mar. 14th

Here At Hogwarts comic

Today my Here At Hogwarts comic arrived, it was drawn by Lucy Knisley and the cover was hand printed by Nora Renick-Rinehart. It was a small Christmas present to myself that I ordered early through their Horribly Heartbroken at Hogwarts project on Kickstarter, but now you can get one for yourself any time you’d like right here.

p.s. Whether or not you fell down the hole of reading the Twilight books the series of comics by Lucy Knisley titled My Lost Weekend In the Meyer is hilarious. Go read.

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daily photo: Mar. 13th

bacon cheeseburger from Uneeda Burger in Seattle

We went to Uneeda Burger here in Seattle to try to see if we could tell the difference between the regular patty and the grass-fed patty. We couldn’t. But Lindy West could and her hilarious review is worth reading even if you don’t live close enough to try this place: “This cow ate only sweet grasses and sunshine. This cow was massaged daily by sexy cow concubines. This cow slept each night on a feather bed, spooning with the emperor of Whidbey Island himself. This cow moos rainbows.”

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daily photo: Mar. 12th

a cinnamon coated muffin

This morning we made The Pioneer Woman’s French Breakfast Puffs, so very very yummy.

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daily photo: Mar. 10th

There is no photo here for you to see today. Know what’s difficult? Getting pictures of people playing music onstage. Know why it’s hard? Colored light gels make skin look very strange, low light and movement make for lots of blur and capturing one person singing in a moment when their eyes are open and their mouth is closed is difficult while catching two people is impossible. So tonight at the secret early test the waters type of gig for a new band consisting of Scott Andrew and Jerin Falkner I got exactly zero usable photos. If anybody has suggestions for super awesome Canon lenses that will help me capture decent photos of people on stage I would really appreciate the guidance.

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daily photo: Mar. 9th

stew in a crock pot

Today I made stew and it took half an hour before I noticed I’d forgotten to plug the crock pot in.

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daily photo: Mar. 8th

sunlight bouncing on a white wall

I left the house and didn’t bring a coat with me today, it was gloriously sunny and warmish. People in Seattle talk about the weather too damn much, and this time of year I find myself doing it as well. We have mild winters without much snow and while I appreciate the lack of icy roads the downside is seemingly endless stretches of gloomy overcast skies. Generally I like the excuse to stay all cozy indoors and do repetitive things (knitting, video games, drinking, obsessing) but the mood stealthily swings into desperation sometime in late February. Its around this time of year that I get nostalgic for Cleveland’s snowy winters because at least they broke up the winter into an array of difficult weather that brought new and exciting things to have to deal with. In contrast we here in Seattle tend to be very enthusiastic when the sun is out, like today. Especially when you check Twitter to find that a friend like A Chow Life reports: “I just looked at the 10 day forecast. Rain– every single day.” Then you hastily take a photo of the all too soon setting sun bouncing against a wall so you can remember what it felt like when Friday of next week rolls around and you start to suspect you’re actually stuck in some creepy sunshine-less experiment.

In less Need To Snap Out Of It news, today I bought a giant plastic egg for what I hope will become a neat-o Easter thing. We’ll see.

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daily photo: Mar. 7th

ECCC crowd

Ok, so this photo is from yesterday when we were at the Emerald City Comicon, but today didn’t have much going on and I wanted to take a moment to say how I enjoyed wandering around ECCC, and to give a shoutout to the organizers for taking the time to give me a visitors badge (my husband Scott plays bass for the awesome nerd rock band Kirby Krackle, and one half of the songwriters for Kirby Krackle is Jim Demonakos, who founded ECCC and does an awesome job of making it better each year, thus the badge). I mostly wanted to note something that The Stranger also noticed: there were a lot of girls there. I saw women of all ages, some with their daughters, all there because they love comic books. Yay!

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daily photo: Mar. 6th

R2D2, coming over to say hi

Today we went to the Emerald City Comicon and R2D2 came over to say hi. This robot was very impressive, it chirped and whistled at us and even appeared to have Tatooine dust on it. The guy controlling it was sitting very nonchalantly off to one side and hid the controller behind a newspaper. It was really fun to watch the kids who came through go a little crazy with joy.

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daily photo: Mar. 5th

a pencil, an eraser and some lip gloss sitting on graph paper

I’m deciding which vacuum to buy (ours is, well, sad) and I ended up making myself a chart to help me sort out which one I wanted. Shown here are three of my favorite tools for chart making: an Apex mechanical pencil which is nice and sturdy, has clicky action that lets the lead out bit by bit and a nice eraser that you can twist up and down; a pencil shaped eraser from Muji, I adore these; and MAC Lipglass, a new favorite discovery. The vacuum choice is coming down to which color I like best, even I am rolling my eyes at myself over this one.

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daily photo: Mar. 4th

yellow and green Amazon Fresh bins

Here in Seattle we have a grocery delivery service called Amazon Fresh. Yup, from Amazon. Grocery delivery is pretty normal but the only other one we used was Peapod in San Francisco which closed down a few weeks after we started using it. We never get our grocery delivery choices quite right, this time we accidentally ordered a giant box of baking soda and an itty bitty tube of toothpaste. Our own faults, the weight of what we ordered was clearly listed, but we had gotten a little click happy. We live in a neighborhood that is outside the delivery areas for any pizza places so I’m just thrilled we can at least get groceries.

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