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a pint of strawberries on the dashboard of my car

It was decidedly un-summerish yesterday so we fought back by eating strawberries and overexposing photographs. I drove home with these on the dashboard and they made my whole car smell like strawberries.

We don’t plan on having any strawberries left over but if we did I would definitely make this Strawberry Conserve seen over at Orangette.

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My Badass Perforated (aka Egg) Spoon

perforated spoon

For our anniversary Scott got me The Badass Perforated (aka Egg) Spoon. It’s made to allow the runny bits of egg white separate so you can make a tidy looking poached egg. It works!

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photo: sometimes I wish doing errands was more like playing video games

the top of the elevator shaft, angular with some blank white spaces

This is the housing for the top of the elevators and stairs on the roof of the parking garage at a Target store nearby. But all I can see is a level in Portal 2.

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dailyish photo: my mixing bowls

nested mixing bowls, yellow, oranges and blue

My mixing bowls, from the outside in:

The big yellow bowl was purchased during the summer I worked in the costume shop of the Santa Fe Opera during college. My roommate and I bought this on a trip to Target when we realized we needed popcorn, booze and warm blankets to make it through the summer. The dry air and cold nights there resulted in me getting strep throat for the first time in my life. We didn’t have a television in our apartment and I couldn’t afford a computer so my roommate bought me one of those black and white flocked posters that come with markers for you to fill in, you can still find them in drug stores. It was a stained glass window, or something. I was so bored I spent hours trying to figure out how to fill it in so that none of the colors would be next to one another. I also read The Mists of Avalon. Twice.

The two largest orange bowls were purchased the second year that Scott and I lived in Seattle, when we rented a house in Ballard. It is a short walk away from where Delancey opened up after we moved away, how I wish we still lived there. It was a three-bowl set from Williams-Sonoma and buying them was one of those “I’m finally a grown up!” moments for me. After only a few weeks I broke the smallest bowl in the set, my favorite one, when I dropped it while doing dishes. It cracked right in half. Which make me feel not so much a grown up. The rubber feet on these bowls are light blue, a detail which I adore.

The medium orange bowl was purchased earlier this year at a Ross that opened in my neighborhood. The Ross was clean but shockingly sparse, more like mostly empty Goodwill. It was incredibly depressing and a bit disorienting. Suddenly there was this shiny orange melamine bowl looking like it was waiting just for me. Then I found a second shiny orange bowl a little further down on the shelf. They are just about the size of the bowl I broke, so I bought both.

The smallest four (orange, green, yellow, blue) were a birthday present from Scott last year and they make for very happy prep. The blue one is so cute and petite, it’s smaller than a teacup, that I find myself just holding it because I find it so pleasing. Scott bought them at the Moma store while he was in New York with Kirby Krackle. He also visited Mood during that trip simply so that he could snap a picture for me. I wasn’t jealous at all.

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dailyish photo: new bicycle helmets

me being amused at the face Scott is making into the mirror

The other day we bought new bicycle helmets. I chose a Giro Indicator and I like it because it has a little adjustment wheel on the back so it fits snuggly but it’s not headache inducing, and it’s really well ventilated. It was on sale at REI, and the one I picked (White/Silver) is even cheaper on Amazon right now. Yay for bicycling.

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photo: best case scenario emergency oil

[the hand of Scott pouring oil into a water bottle with the bottom chopped off which is working as a funnel]

When your car’s oil light comes on while you’re out running errands the night before a flight it’s a really lucky thing that the nearest place to pull over is actually the parking lot of a drugstore that happens to sell oil. It’s even luckier if you have a Scott of your own who happens to be on his way home and can do all the dirty work for you.* While you’re waiting for your Scott to arrive it is also very lucky if you happen to have a Car Kit with scissors so you can improvise a funnel out of a water bottle. It’s also pretty cool that the kit also contains individual handi-wipes to clean the hands of your Scott after he’s done saving the car. And then you can pick up dinner from your neighborhood Italian place before you head home. Seriously though, the car kit has saved the day a number of times since I’ve had it. It’s always so cheerful to realize that you do have that flashlight/tire gauge/sunscreen/safety pin/breath mint/pliers that you need.

* (For the record I definitely can put oil in my own car but he really was only minutes away and what the hell, it likely saved my favorite jeans from a nasty oil stain.)

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photo: night ferry

brightly lit and completely empty ferry

This is what the last ferry at night out from Bremerton looks like. I was on foot and barely made it, I half-jogged the few miles from the house of the friend I was visiting, sprinted up the pedestrian entrance and moments after I got on board the ferry pulled away.

There were very few people with me, one was a very big and ominous bald man with the most amazing and delicate flower tattoo covering his scalp. I wanted to rub his head but thought he might take it the wrong way.

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photo: cheery red VW van

a sign painter

This van was so cheerful, like spotting a bunch of balloons on a dreary day. The owner clearly loves their van.

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photo: a sign painter

a sign painter

I was walking through the Georgetown neighborhood and spotted this nice guy painting a sign by hand. I stopped to ask if I could take a photo and mentioned I knew somebody who is making a film about people who paint signs by hand. “Faythe?” He asked. Indeed. The world, it is small.

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daily-ish photo: bacon maple bar from Frost

maple bacon bar from Frost donuts

We found ourselves out near Frost Donuts (a short drive away from Seattle) so we stopped in. I’d read a lot about it but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing the donuts look (take a peek at that Aztec Chocolate, go on), how adorably designed the shop was, and how really, really good the donuts were. I didn’t mean to eat this whole one but I did. We are definitely going to find a reason to swing by again soon.

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almost daily photo: April 28th

[handwritten beer cap saying Not Martha IPA]

Kyle sent Scott home with a bottle of the beer which I had the opportunity to watch him make last month. Don’t be fooled by the name, I mostly observed! Thank you, Kyle, it was delicious.

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almost daily photo: April 19th

image uploaded from my iPhone to Flickr and on to this here blog

This is my view down into the industrial kitchens from my seat at Serious Pie (as in pizza). Those Hobart mixers mean business.

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almost daily photo: April 15th

[yellow pipe cleaner chicks all lined up]

I love how pipe cleaner chicks always look a bit freaked out.

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almost daily photo: April 14th

[three-quarter inch circles of tissue paper in yellows and pinks in a white bowl, poorly lit]

Today was way better than yesterday, or so I thought. At lunch I dropped off the last document needed for our tax people to do our taxes, I got all the stuff needed to make dinner, I gathered and bagged the recycling for collection tomorrow, I got everything ready to take photographs of the Easter project I have in mind for this year, I did dishes, I washed and chopped kale, I cleaned out the fridge, I cleared the dining room table of miscellaneous mail and I was feeling triumphant and smart (I was listening to The Tobolowsky Files, it makes me feel smart) and nearly I felt like I actually had my stuff together until Scott got home and discovered that all of my keys were still in the lock of the door. Just hanging there, forgotten. In my rush to turn off the alarm when I came home I failed to actually remove my keys from the lock. Way to go, me.

Anyhow, the photograph above is a sneak peek at what I’m doing for Easter. Sort of.

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almost daily photo: April 13th

[close up of the offending Sharpie in question]

My RSS feed broke, the engine light in my car is on, I was late to meet a friend at the bakery and when I got there I knocked a vase off of a table in a dramatic fashion, the cap of a Sharpie in my bag came off leaving some ugly black spots and when I got home I discovered I have a run in my Spanx. It’s only 1:30 in the afternoon. I sincerely hope your day is going better than mine.

update: I also forgot to put a title on this post, which I’ve just fixed. Hey, if you are looking at this in a feed reader and cannot see the moody photo of the offending Sharpie let me know and I’ll try to figure out why RSS might still be broken. My thanks!

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