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DIY Kits | Haptic Lab. These are city map prints that you use to create your own small quilt. I LOVE this. These are also available from Purl Soho.

Molly’s Sketchbook: Breezy Friendship Bracelets – The Purl Bee. So easy and colorful. I’m late to the friendship bracelet renewal thing, I know. See also: Cashmere + Neon Friendship Bracelets.

Cool Tools – Rapid Heat Ceramic Glue Gun. “It’s better than guns costing 5 times as much.”

5 Small & Simple Leather DIYs | Apartment Therapy.

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links: craft

Alphabet Pompoms Tutorial – Mr Printables Blog. Via Our Finds over at Martha Stewart.

How-To: DIY Paper Turkey Surprise | MAKE. This is absolutely adorable.

9 Scent-sational DIY Perfumes and Body Sprays | Brit + Co. Terrific roundup to DIYs and good smelling things.

Are Grommets the New Studs? We Tried It | Brit + Co..

Bombs Away! 10 DIY Bath Bombs | Brit + Co..

Birthday in a Can at Oh Happy Day. This is such a great idea, I think I’ll be making a few of these this year.

The Cheapest & Best Online Sources for DIY Project & Craft Supplies | Apartment Therapy.

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A new home for the DIY Mother’s Day Corsage: Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch

felt dahlia flower pin for mothers day

Just a quick note to say that I’ve reposted my Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch tutorial here on Not Martha. It was originally posted over at a website called Holidash that shut down earlier this year and the project page disappeared with it. I pulled together the original tutorial as well as a bunch of additional notes all in one spot: Felt Dahlia Flower Brooch.

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links: craft

MAKE | How-To: Pretty Flower Pom-Poms.

Camp in Your Car with DIY Magnetic Window Screens, at Lifehacker. Clever!

Introducing Purl Soho Video Tutorials! – The Purl Bee. Including two solid decreases (knit 2 together and slip slip knit) that were my way out of knitting rectangles.

Weekend Project: Make a DIY Wooden Crate Magazine Rack | Man Made DIY. We have an old sheet music crate that needs this treatment.

Clay Wishbone DIY, at Oh Happy Day.

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DIY wine gift box from a mailing tube

The second project that I created for Apothic is up on their Apothic Handmade page over at Facebook. This one is a studded leather gift box lined in dramatic red felt that is only glimpsed after the box is opened. I used a tiny padlock to secure the box. Go see how to make it, and enjoy.

Because this project involves wine please let me just say: Content intended for users of legal drinking age where this page is being accessed.

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DIY wine tote with leather handle

Apothic wine asked me to create a project for their Apothic Handcrafted set of DIYs over on their Facebook page. I made this wine tote with a chunky leather handle after thinking about those two classic hostess gifts, wine and flowers. It’s created from two tall, skinny wine bottle bags that are secured side by side so you can bring along a bottle of wine and a bouquet or a baguette without fear of anything falling over or being crushed. You can give the tote as a gift, or do like I did and keep it all for yourself. I had a lot of fun creating this and it’s a good easy project if you want to learn to work with leather.

To see the step-by-step instructions visit the Apothic Handcrafted project page.

Because this project involves wine please let me just say: Content intended for users of legal drinking age where this page is being accessed.

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DIY // Waterproof paper coasters (and other paper pretties). The Dimensional Magic she uses here is a new to me product but looks handy, and easy to use.

DIY Giant Crepe Paper Roses | Studio DIY. These are supersized but don’t lose any of their sweetness.

Gold Leaf iPhone Cases DIY at Oh Happy Day. Love these.

A Round Up of Knitting Tutorials at Juniper Moon Fiber Farm. There is a flat seaming tutorial in there that I’d like to learn, my own seams in handknitting are bulky and they make me sad.

DIY // Upcycle any bag with leather straps. What a simple and impressive touch.

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4th annual Fall School House Craft Conference for creative entrepreneurs

Today I’m speaking at School House Craft’s Blogger’s Summer Camp and I wanted to let you know about their larger conference that is coming up this fall. It’s the 4th annual Fall School House Craft Conference for creative entrepreneurs and this year it will be Sept. 14th and 15th. It’s for anybody who wants to know how to grow their creative business. The ladies who put this on are behind the biggest craft fair in Seattle and all have long running businesses of their own so they know what they are talking about and how to help you. They are also really great people. If this sounds like it’s for you early bird tickets are already on sale.

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Whimseybox – Jewelry Tools Starter Set. I don’t make jewelry but I do need to swap out earring hooks on inexpensive jewelry and keep a set of tools around. These look especially nice, especially the jump ring opener!

Spring Cleaning – The Crafts Dept. Great list of places to take all those old craft supplies so that they will find a new home.

Grocery Bag Basket | Pintester. She includes some good clarification of the directions, and I wanna make this now.

The Perfect Gift: Gold Leaf Plaster Votives. These are gorgeous, and easier than you might thing. The post includes full directions.

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Whit’s Knits: Knit Hedgehogs – the purl bee. These are so darn cute.

Let’s All Make Emergency Engagement Rings | The Hairpin. How to craft an origami ring for that last minute need. (Note: video.)

DIY Brushed Text and Polka Dot Tea Towels and Tote – Home – Creature Comforts. The polka dot tote here is simple but oh so nice.

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Project Fail: Glitter On Demand (And also success!) – Grathio Labs. “This is the kind of stuff that razor wire aspires to be.” It’s pretty but dangerous.

How to boot cuffs from a sweater, at Petit Elefant. So simple and add a nice visual touch.

Current Crush: DIY Paper Diamonds and Gems – Creature Comforts. Links to so tutorials for awfully pretty paper gems.

Laura’s Loop: Reversible Stripes Scarf – the purl bee. I’m really taken by this reversible stripe pattern, I’m also taken by the fact that it lies completely flat.

Faye’s Super Soft Merino Chunky Cable Hat – the purl bee. Simple and very pretty.

Past & Present: Uten.Silo & DIY Wall Organizer | Design*Sponge.

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#ourtopsecret project revealed | Freshly Picked. A book! A Hip Handmade Holiday, I cannot wait to see it.

Faceted Vase DIY + Free Template, at Oh Happy Day.

How To: Make Washi Tape Magnets » Curbly.

Technique – Wheat Paste – How Did You Make This?.

swissmiss | Touchscreen Glove Kit. Have you tried any gloves meant for touch screens and found them, er, lacking? Me too, I’m ready to DIY this solution.

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How To: Make a Modern Geometric DIY Leather Mouse Pad » Curbly.

From the mailbag: flickering LEDs in series | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

Technique – Finish Strings of Beads with Bead Tips – Luxe DIY.

Flower Party Blowers at Oh Happy Day.

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So Many Sweets: Guest Post: DIY Cookie Cutter. Full instructions on making your own shaped cookie cutters, via Edible Crafts.

Cool Tools – OLFA Auto-Lock Utility Knife. A simple, safe and inexpensive utility knife.

Cool Tools – Recommendation for a store that carries all sorts of fasteners and buckles.

Laura’s Loop: Cashmere Cuff – the purl bee. These are chunky grown up friendship bracelets.

DIY Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers | Say Yes to Hoboken.

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School House Craft coming up in September

School House Craft

School House Craft is coming up! It’s September 21st to the 23rd at the Phinney Neighborhood Center (a really great old brick school) here in Seattle. School House Craft is “a three day conference for those in the creative small business community. A weekend of classes, networking and building lasting relationships”. They have classes from “Facebook 101 for Business” to “Behind the scenes at Urban Craft Uprising”. Teachers include such well informed and generous people as Jennifer Shea (who founded Trophy Cupcakes), Andie Powers (creator of Assemble Shop) and Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt (of Somethings Hiding In Here). The founders of School House Craft, Kristen Rask and Andrea Porter have years of running their own small business and big events such at Urban Craft Uprising. (They also just happen to be among the people who started the Grassroots Business Association with me so I’ve seen up close how focused and experienced they are.)

If you’re starting out a craft related business or want a great environment to consult with others School House Craft is fantastic (the food sponsors alone might be worth it, chocolate!). I was a speaker last year (yaaay!) but this year I’ll be out of town (boo). Right now you can still get one, two or three-day passes at early bird prices (you can also get tickets to individual classes). And you can enter to win a three-day pass. Not bad.

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