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Behind the Scenes at America’s Largest Contiguous Hop Farm | Serious Eats. I had this same learning experience when I attended Hop Academy two years ago.

The Amazing, Original Green Building Is Soon to Be Vacated by the Original Timber Company | Slog. You can see this building while driving on I-5 and it’s amazing even from a distance.

The Heron and the Snake | BirdNote. This was a very unusual Bird Note, and basically the audio version of that Never Give Up frog vs. heron poster.

Part 1: I cheated on my girlfriend of 8 months. At Do You Think You’re Pretty? the blog of Emily V. Gordon who I hereby nominate as the best councilor for us all. Between telling this guy what he needs to hear I also love this: “No love, no matter how great or small, benefits from being overly romanticized. It makes us forget that we’re actually just two people who decided they dug each other.”

Everyone In Hollywood Has This Hairstyle at Refinery 29. Next time I head to get my haircut I’m just going to pull a bunch of these images as examples for what I want.

XOXO 2014:

A tiny gathering of artists has become the most interesting weekend in tech | The Verge.

The narrative lottery at XOXO – Boing Boing.

The XOXO Festival and the fierce urgency of nice — The Message — Medium.

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  • 1 Kate L. // Oct 20, 2014 at 8:27 am

    I accidentally got the “everyone” haircut this past week (I asked my stylist to cut off all the damage and ended up with a bob!) and I love it! It’s a great cut. One huge downside for me: no wash-and-go. It has to be styled. My hair is incredibly tangly and curly, so that’s probably part of it. I think if my hair were smoother it would be an easier style to just walk out the door with.

  • 2 megan // Nov 17, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    Kate – I cannot wash and go either, I have curly-ish hair (meaning: it’s wavy at best and looks better if I treat it like curly hair than if I treat it like straight hair) so I struggle with styling it. Right now I’m finding the DevaCurl B’Leave-In gel to be the best option – scrunch into wetish hair and let air dry. I would like to think this is why I’m always late for morning appointments.

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