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Kinder Surprise Egg A Day, Day 29

While I was in the UK I got my Kinder Surprise fix by opening an egg a day.

This egg was purchased at, to the best of my memory, a small grocery store on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. It was one of those spots that was so small that our very presence felt like a Huge Awkward American Tourist Trying Not To Be Conspicuous intrusion even as the two people working there were chirpily directing us, the only other souls in the place, to the nearest spot to sit and have something hot to drink without making us feel like the Huge Awkward American Tourists (etc.) that we were.

There was a whole lot in this capsule. The contents reminded me of snap bracelets that came with instructions.

The instructions had us folding over the top and bottom lengths of the plastic, tucking those into the bits provided and whacking the puck. It was surprisingly effective and amusing.

The toy inside was a sort of analog pong for two players. Except without the slow start to the real action.

I was completely amazed by how much Kinder managed to pack into my capsule until I encountered Matt’s entire toy airplane that he purchased and assembled at the Toronto airport. Later I got to hold this in my hand and it easily had a 6 inch wingspan and was so freaking impressive that I’m outright ashamed I didn’t press Scott into Vine duty. The airplane had a far more complicated fold an assemble construction than our flick game but it was clearly from the same set of Kinder toy makers. And to those toy makers I’ve got to do a sort of electronic tip of the hat, both examples were amazing.

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