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Wine Glass Ring Pops Make The World A Better Place, at The Frisky.

The best macaroni and cheese: traditional vs. Modernist at Science Fare. Fun experiment, have a macaroni party and let your diners choose which is better. I gotta try this.

Campari Shandy, by those geniuses behind Essex and Delancey. This is part of a new cocktail column and I bet each and every one will be outstanding. Evidence: The Queen Mary is my very favorite cocktail at Essex and only available when there are ripe tomatoes from their garden. Out of season now but well worth keeping around for late next summer.

Julia Child Was Wrong: Don’t Wash Your Raw Chicken, Folks : The Salt : NPR. “But science, says Quinlan, is really giving the lazy a free pass — nay, an imperative — to cut out this step.” Lazy for the win!!

Food Worth Growing: Mexican Sour Gherkin | You Grow Girl. She calls them “Barbie Doll Watermelons” because they are so very wee.

Best Food Bloggers of All Time | I have geeked out over most of these, some of them right to their face (which was awkward, I admit).

Bonavita’s Porcelain Immersion Coffee Dripper: The Best of All Worlds? | Serious Eats: Drinks. I think I need one of these.

Sprinkle Bakes: Raspberry-Champagne Layer Cake with Victorian Cake Pulls. A sweet lesson on cake pulls and how to keep them tidy.

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  • 1 Jessica // Nov 26, 2013 at 11:36 am

    The Mexican Sour Gherkin is an amazing garden gem. I first had them years ago in a bowl of fancy gazpacho at Rick Bayless’s fancy restaurant in Chicago and have been trying to grow them ever since. Everyone who tries them from our garden goes bananas at how awesome they are–including my kids! We can never grow enough of them. That’s partly because, they’re kind of hard to get started. I seed a whole packet of these things every spring, and I’m lucky if I get one or two of them to grow (here in the temperate SF Bay area). Once they take off, they’re amazingly vigorous (and the vine is so pretty! much prettier than regular cucumber). But they’re very picky about getting started. Follow the poster’s advice closely about sun and wind.

  • 2 brianne // Nov 26, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    oooh, i’m thinking of doing cake pulls for the wedding. this link is terrific. Also, Brandon and Molly can do no wrong. Always with the Campari.

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