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HisXHers Holiday Block Party

Hi everyone! Today I’m letting an old friend and mastermind of recipe crawls introduce her new web series. There is a little scavenger hunt and a giveaway wrapped up in it all, which I find so delightful. Without Brooke’s ability to pull together blogger events the Partridge In A Pear Tree 3D Cookie and the Decorated Orange Pumpkin Pancakes for Halloween would not have been thought up. Thanks Brooke! Take it away:

It’s a Holiday Block Party, and you’re just 24 hours away from winning a last-minute $500 Holiday Shopping Spree from Good Cook!


There’s a new neighbor in the bloggy culdesac, so we’re having a celebration to say hello and you’re invited! is a new online video series with Cheeky Kitchen’s Brooke McLay and Daddy Evolving’s Eldon Kartcher. As a divorced mom and gay, widowed dad, Brooke and Eldon know a little about the untraditional paths life can take. They also know, as you do, how busy life can get. So, as real life besties with a penchant for food, design, and home, they decided it was time to create a deliciously stylish approach to the things we do everyday while keeping it all simple, realistic, and totally sexylicious.

Here’s how it works: Today only, 8 different blogs (including this one) are premiering exclusive HisXHers episodes. One reader will win a $500 Last-Minute Shopping Spree Visa, and 15 lucky readers will win an 8-piece Good Cook Bakeware set. Here’s how to get yourself all entered up and ready to win:

Step 1.
Visit all 8 of the blogs below & hunt for the answer to the secret question in their exclusive episode:

Step 2.
Visit, leave a comment with your answers to each of the 8 Holiday Scavenger Hunt questions, and you’re entered to win the Holiday Shopping Spree! To win one of the fifteen 8-Piece Good Cook Bakeware Sets, simply follow on Facebook or Twitter.

Ready to get yer partay on?
Check out the episode below, nab the answer to this question, then visit, leave a comment with your answers and you’re just 24-hours away from a potential shopping spree! Winners will be decided by 10 a.m. MST on Wednesday, December 19th.

This episodes Secret Holiday Scavenger Hunt question is:
Brooke talked the whole cast of what show into a giant Christmas surprise for her daughter?

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  • 1 Linda L. // Dec 19, 2012 at 11:32 am

    For most of us, winning this contest will be nigh on impossible. Your email arrived in my mailbox at around 4:40 Eastern Time this morning. I would have to go to 8 different blogs, watch the episode, get the answers to the 8 questions and then go to another blog and enter the answers by noon my time.
    Because I was working this morning, I didn’t have a chance to go to my personal email until 1 pm my time at which point the contest was over for an hour! I work from home but there are lots of people that either don’t have computer access or can’t check email at work. They will find out about this contest when they get home tonight. Other folks who are without computers at home have to get to a library or other public location to check their email.
    Unless there are very extenuating circumstances, no email-based contest should run for less that 48 hours and preferably for at least 3 days. That would give most people a reasonable chance to go through the steps and have time to enter the contest.
    I’m actually surprised that this came from you with such a limited timeframe. I also noticed that I’m the first to comment on it.

  • 2 megan // Dec 19, 2012 at 2:50 pm

    Linda – I’m so sorry that my post reached you late. The post was published here on my site at 3:30 am Pacific time (6:30 am Eastern time) on December 18th, well before official 24 hour noon start date. If you use a reader that sends posts to your email that was delayed by a day I have no control over when those reach you.

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