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thing I like: soup plates

stack of white soup plates

We recently replaced our dishes because our collection had become terribly mismatched. People, dishes that all stack together make me feel like some bit of my life is set in order. My very favorite new dishes are these low bowls from West Elms’s Organic Shaped Dinnerware. They are a perfect soup plate, which I’ve professed my love for before. They are perfect for salads and pastas and things that include a runny sauce as well as being perfect for carrying over to eat in front of the television. Which we do most nights. Soup plates are, I’ve found out, sort of elusive so I might justify buying more.

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SULTAN’S FINE FABRICS « make something. A secret treasure trove of great fabrics in Toronto.

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5 Tips for Backpacking with Kids | Say Yes to Hoboken. This applies to everybody: “1. Get out of the campgrounds. Trust me. Isn’t the point to get away from people when you camp? They’re very difficult to get a reservation if you’re in a popular area. Like, impossible. Drive just outside any national park and you’re probably in a national forest, wilderness area, multi-use area. You can do what they call ‘dispersed camping’ anywhere around there.”

Need input on the most awesome, strange, memorable places to stay on our road-trip between Seattle to Portland, and then down the coast to San Fran. | Ask MetaFilter.

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Mighty Thirst: Shots in ‘Cots  | Mighty Girl. I wonder if you could do something similar with tomatoes and ice cold habanero infused vodka?

Once Upon a Pedestal: Polka Dot Cake from Bake Pop Pan. Adorable! A great use for the cake sphere pans.

The Amazing Incredible Broccoli Surprise Sauce « Tea & Cookies.

How can I make my homemade frappes less watery? And more like Starbuck’s frappes? What’s their secret?! | Ask MetaFilter. The answers include a few great tips and an almost recipe for the frappe.

Where to Enjoy Eating This Summer – The Stranger. I shall strive to eat at all of these places, a huge number of them are in my part of town so I have no excuse.

Wet cherries in Washington state are dried by helicopter. Wow. At Edible Geography.

New Beer: Russian River Row 2, Hill 56 | Serious Eats: Drinks. A beer I hope to find here in Seattle. And soon. – Sometimes mamma knows best – Four alliums and a zucchini frittata – kuku kadu. I love zucchini and have recently come to regret not having the sort of yard that grows them. Zucchini 4 evar.

Taste Test: Is There Good Pinot Noir Under $15? | Serious Eats: Drinks. No Oregon Pinots were in the list, are they all over the $15 price tag? There are also great suggestions in the comments.

Whole Bean Vanilla Cookies Recipe – 101 Cookbooks.

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thing I like: Mezcal

Somehow I hadn’t tried mezcal until last week. Happily the two of us have been introduced and I think a long friendship will bloom.

Earlier in the month LUPEC Seattle announced the upcoming event would be all about mezcal and a few days later I found myself looking through the menu at Canon here in Seattle (a must visit, fyi). They happened to have a mezcal cocktail that also include a shaken egg white, which is something I’d just been playing around with making the Ramos Gin Fizz. What emerged was a gorgeous drink that had a smokey and almost spicy foam and oh-my-gosh-people it was delightful. I don’t have a picture of this cocktail because it was too dark. Comfortably dark though, a good sort of dark. I’ll be back there often, I live dangerously close.

Above is shown the mezcal drink I had at Mezcaleria Oaxaca while learning all about the spirit with LUPEC. That charred stick is, I think, a smoked bit of agave. It added enough smoke so that every time I took a sip I got a good amount of smokey scent. It was fantastic. They also offer mezcal flights and, no surprise, I prefer the smokier ones.

That thing about the worm? We learned it’s mostly a legend and is only included in the cheap bottles because tourists expect it to be there. Whew.

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If you liked the Hunger Games – Lawrence Public Library. A flow chart of what to read after you’ve finished the Hunger Games. Sent to my by my very own Scott.

I want more happy, well-designed blogs like 101 Cookbooks or Enjoying the Small Things so that I can pretend for short periods of time that the world is a delightful place. | Ask MetaFilter. The question asker calls it “empathy-happiness porn” which I think is wonderful. A great collection of sites and, eep, Not Martha is included. (Aw, thanks!)

London 2012 Olympic cauldron by Thomas Heatherwick. How it was made and just how splendid it is. Via The Morning News.

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