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Hello there. Last night we updated the WordPress for my site and, of course, it broke a few things. Most have been smoothed out but it also made my RSS feed temporarily loose it’s mind. So if you’re seeing truncated posts or really, really old posts in your reader please ignore, we’ve fixed it. I hope.

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links: craft

Welcome to oliver + s > tutorials: flat-felled seams.

diy project: leather envelope phone case | Design*Sponge.

make grow gather – why, hello etsy!. A review of the event in SF that I wish I could have been at!

Freshly Picked: How to Sew a Basting Stitch, How to Machine Baste. When I sew I over-use basting stitches, it’s my secret super power.

adventures in home-making: The world’s best sewing tutorials in no particular order..

All About the Packaging: Candy Button Punch Box Tutorial | Celebrate the Big & Small. Really great and colorful idea for a party game.

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blog book tour: Weekend Handmade

I’m so happy to let you know that my friend Kelly Wilkinson, Make Grow Gather has a new book out! Congratulations! It’s called Weekend Handmade it’s it’s full of useful and fun projects. Congratulations Kelly! And with her book tour stop here today she is sharing some thoughts on Saturday afternoons, enjoy:

Hi everyone! I’m so thrilled to be here at with Not Martha as part of the
blog tour for Weekend Handmade. Over the course of the tour, I¹m breaking my
ideal weekend into its different parts, and posting about each part on a
favorite blog of mine. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a leisurely weekend
afternoon with Megan so it only feels natural to be here for the tour ­
thanks Megan!

Saturday Afternoons

An ideal Saturday afternoon for me is equal parts action and leisure. And
nothing embodies that more than being in the garden. There are plenty of
weekends that require errands or full days of work, but if I can being
completely indulgent and moving at my own pace, you¹ll find me in our little
vegetable patch in the fresh air, with dirt under my fingernails, planting
or weeding or harvesting.

I created a whole chapter of projects inspired by the outdoors, including
decorated planters and a tea towel apron that¹s equally at home in the
backyard as the kitchen. If I feel particularly ambitious, I¹ll even set up
some sunprint cloth to ³print² while I¹m out back. But inevitably, I get
thirsty. Megan and I both love a good shandy ­ and I happen to think they
taste best sipped out of a big Mason jar. This requires some planning ahead
for me, because I live in a San Francisco apartment. Our garden access is
out the kitchen door, down two flights of stairs, and through a little
alley. My husband and I like to mix half ginger ale (or lemonade), half
beer, and a lot of freshly-squeezed lime while we¹re up in the kitchen, and
bring it downstairs. But if you ­ like me ­ don¹t regularly keep lemonade or
ginger ale, here¹s a quick little trick so you¹re never without shandy

Quick Shandy:
Squeeze 1-2 lemons or limes into a Mason jar
Add a couple tablespoons of sugar, fill halfway with water, screw the lid
closed and shake to dissolve the sugar. Open back up, fill the rest of the
way with beer and you have yourself a homemade shady!

Photo credit: Photos by Thayer Allyson Gowdy.

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links: travel

What was originally a mileage run to SFO and back has now become a 12 hour vacation in San Franscisco. What would you do in the city if you were me? | Ask MetaFilter.

Cultural Faux Pas: What are some cultural faux pas in New York? – Quora. Via Kottke.

a n h – m i n h . c o m: When in Carmel.

How to Survive a 10-Hour Flight Like a Lady | The Hairpin.

Geek’s Guide to Portland 2011 –

New York Shopping – The Crafts Dept. A little candy with your craft supplies shopping, perfect.

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links: food

Homemade Goldfish Crackers | Tasty Kitchen Blog. Adorable!

10 Make-Ahead Breakfasts to Start Your Day Off Right | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn.

Homebrewing: Getting the Most Out of Hops | Serious Eats: Drinks.

Crispy Penne | Luxirare.

Roasted Tomato and Caramelized Onion Farro Salad — Joy the Baker.

Cardamom Honey Caramel Pears | Not Without Salt.

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in the kitchen with: luisa weiss’ berliner pfannkuchen | Design*Sponge.

A Bookstore Dedicated to Cookbooks: Book Larder – Voracious.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes |

Pancake Secrets | Luxirare.

Links to Cool Craft and Party Supplies · Edible Crafts |

The Viking-Sized Donuts of Poulsbo – Voracious.

swissmiss | Split Decision Pie Pan. I love the idea of a neatly formed perfect half of a pie!

FREEZE: Cinnamon buns in 20 minutes. | King Arthur Flour – Baking Banter. A detailed description with lots of photos on exactly when and how to freeze cinnamon rolls to bake later on.

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thing I like: Clarisonic Mia

Clarisonic Mia, white

I bought the Clarisonic Mia last spring after reading about it on a few sites of people I trust. I read the hype from the company (your pores will be smaller! your wrinkles will be fewer! you will glow from within!) but I didn’t really believe it. I’ve been using it all summer and last week I realized that despite faithfully applying SPF 30 I’ve had way fewer breakouts than I normally would. In fact I’ve stopped worrying that I’m going to get an inconvenient pimple (is there any other kind?) before an event where I need to look halfway decent. Which is so, so nice.

I have noticed that my pores seem less horrible than they used to. I think this is the result of a consistent cleaning routine rather than the Mia working magic. But that consistency turns out to be what I needed. I never skip thoroughly washing my face because it’s convenient and quick and right within reach (no more running out of fresh wash cloths). It did seem like a lot of money to plunk down for an oversized toothbrush but I’m hereby declaring it worth it.

I briefly looked at the larger model, the Clarisonic Plus, because it can also be used as a body brush (it holds larger body brushes as well as the smaller face brushes). But I read reviews that the larger one is bulky enough that it is awkward to use on your face. I also considered the Clarisonic Classic, which is as small as the Mia but has two speeds. For the added cost I didn’t think I’d miss that feature. You can easily compare the models over at the Clarisonic site.

One thing I don’t like? The Mia is all smooth rounded lines, which actually makes it difficult to store in or near the shower. I could use a flat end so it could stand up, or at least a little loop so I could hang it. As it is you put it down and it sort of rocks or slides one way or the other.

It comes in a bunch of colors. Most of the colors are in the pastel range, and there are a few patterns that might be exclusive to specific retailers but I bought the basic white one. Since I bought mine they came out with a poppy red model and a fetching Kelly green color that would have been my choice. My other pick is the charcoal gray. You can also buy replacement brush heads, sensitive brush heads or deep pore cleaning brush heads (which I’m going to try next). I’ve seen the Mia at Sephora, Nordstrom and Ulta stores, which all have great return policies. As I type this the basic white one is being sold on Amazon for only $105.

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links: technology

swissmiss | Sugru Hacking Putty. Used to reinforce iPhone cables where they most often split. This is exactly what I thought of when I first learned about Sugru!

swissmiss | Codecademy. Coding for beginners.

Go ahead, make a circle. « Door Sixteen. A Photoshop Tutorial on how to put an image inside a circle.

SEO for Non-dicks – Matt Legend Gemmell. Via Matt.

What lens for low-light food photography? | Ask MetaFilter.

oh meaghan: a new outfit. Some great sources for a blog facelift.

This Is Not How You Should Handle E-Book Corrections | Slog. “Whispersync™ giveth, and Whispersync™ taketh away.” I bought Reamde on my Kindle for iPhone so I’ve been following this story, turns out the missing content is likely just small corrections.

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