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Urban Craft Uprising wrap-up

We went to Urban Craft Uprising on Saturday and on the way I discovered that there was no memory card in my camera, so I didn’t get to take any pictures. But I did find a bunch of businesses that I liked:

Coatt jewelry with small round beads and long skinny beads spelling out messages in morse code

Morse code necklaces by Coatt. (Secret messages!)

Row Boat Press poster of a night sky

Posters by Row Boat Press, this Night Flight diptych is also glow in the dark.

Foamy Wader quartz necklace

Simple jewelry by Foamy Wader. I bought myself these in silver, they are delightfully light weight.

Polly Danger polka dotted bias tape

Really fun bias tape from Polly Danger.

Alisha Louise pull through necklace with leaf shapes

Gorgeous enameled jewelry by Alisha Louise, you get to chose your color for each piece. I have my eye on this pull-though necklace.

Muchodesign shriveled chiffon earrings, like feathers

These chiffon earrings from Muchodesign, she had a whole tree of them and they were delightfully flitty. Is that a word?

Sternlab LED kit with batter, leds and conductive thread

An LED Sewing Kit from Sternlab which was sold by the lovely Moxie, who offers this Needle Felted Coin Cell Battery Pack tutorial so you can create your own glowy pendant.

Dottyspeck necklace with a simple, almost Orla-ish design

Jewelry by Dottyspeck. I have some earrings similar to this design that I picked up from the CakeSpy Shop and adore them.

See also: I listed businesses I went to see there in a previous post. Love them all.

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links: technology

iDixit Needs Players « Further Dispatches. Jorge Garcia kindly requests you download this game to your iPhone so that he has people to play with! And it’s free to the end of the month, sounds perfect.

The iPhone SLR Mount Let’s your iPhone use your SLR lenses (for Canon and Nikon). Somebody buy this for me. Please? Via Heather Champ on Twitter.

I just my first Android phone. What’s the easiest way to get my NPR and BBC podcasts onto it? And what are your favourite must-have apps in general? | Ask MetaFilter.

say YES! to hoboken: How to Make an Animated Gif.

the Tumbly Green Chair | dbox: Instagram Filters as Photoshop Actions. Yay!

WordPress for a noob who isn’t a noob developer: Can you explain the basics of using a framework theme to create a new theme? | Ask MetaFilter.

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Urban Craft Uprising this weekend!

Urban Craft Uprising July 9th and 10th at Seattle Center

Urban Craft Uprising is this weekend here in Seattle! They are stuffed full of my favorite vendors, here are just a few:

There are so many vendors this time around that I have not heard of, and lots of them are foods (ice cream! cake pops! preserves! gluten-free treats!).

update: See which businesses I found and loved at the show.

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links: food

TJ’s Delivery Service: Trader Joe’s Groceries to Your Door | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn. I can see really needing some Jo-Jos.

What cooking shows other than the late Good Eats talk about why things are done the way they are? | Ask MetaFilter.

Design Crush » Whiskey Stone Shot Glasses. Like those whiskey stones that cool without diluting. I think we need these shot glasses.

Pop Star: Jennifer « This is excellent, a monster cake with many cake pop eyeballs on stalks.

The Emerald City « Tea & Cookies. I like this salad, and the lady who wrote about it!

Imbibe Unfiltered: A New Hop Variety Pops in Stone’s Latest Brew.

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links: travel

Where to go around Western Washington? | Ask MetaFilter. Day trips from Seattle, I should try to do all of these.

catskills guide | Design*Sponge. I must get myself to this place.

Stop Paying Attention – I Love You Chicago; Page 2. Lucy says goodbye to Chicago and gifts us a huge list of her favorite places there.

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Giant Jenga at the Georgetown Carnival

Last month we went to the Georgetown Carnival here in Seattle. There was a giant community Jenga game set up and I managed to be there to watch it fall twice.

giant Jenga game,falling giant Jenga game,falling
giant Jenga game,falling giant Jenga game,falling
giant Jenga game,falling giant Jenga game,falling
giant Jenga game,falling giant Jenga game,falling

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My Badass Perforated (aka Egg) Spoon

perforated spoon

For our anniversary Scott got me The Badass Perforated (aka Egg) Spoon. It’s made to allow the runny bits of egg white separate so you can make a tidy looking poached egg. It works!

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biz ladies: media training 101 | Design*Sponge. I need this, I’m a nervous mess while being interviewed.

Practical Tips on Writing a Book from 23 Brilliant Authors | NeuroTribes. Via Kottke.

What are some of the cheesiest on-screen ‘hacking’ scenes? | Ask MetaFilter. Next winter I will use this list for a movie marathon.

The Best Beats Of Summer 2011 : NPR, via The Hairpin, What to do with your allowance this week. I want Jane Feltes to be my sister.

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photo: sometimes I wish doing errands was more like playing video games

the top of the elevator shaft, angular with some blank white spaces

This is the housing for the top of the elevators and stairs on the roof of the parking garage at a Target store nearby. But all I can see is a level in Portal 2.

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links: craft

flower drinking straws – The Crafts Dept. Simple and lovely.

How-To: Hedge Maze Area Rug blog. I have a special litle spot in my heart for hedge mazes.

make grow gather – summercraft: picnic weights. These super easy polka dot rocks are so cute it hurts.

Rocket Candy Crackers – The Crafts Dept. I am Wish I’d Thought Of That level in love with this.

swissmiss | Woven Gift Toppers. Very cool.

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