Not Martha

photo: breakfast

[eggs, bacon and a huge fluffy biscuit]

We were at Both Ways Cafe here in Seattle. I like it there.

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links: beauty

best face forward « The Working Closet. A recommendation for a Neutrogena foundation from Susan, a woman I trust.

What do you wish someone told you before the first time you got waxed? | Ask MetaFilter.

How to manicure at home at Petite Elefant. Very good tips that I’ve never heard before.

Give me your best homemade beauty concoctions! | Ask MetaFilter.

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photo: best case scenario emergency oil

[the hand of Scott pouring oil into a water bottle with the bottom chopped off which is working as a funnel]

When your car’s oil light comes on while you’re out running errands the night before a flight it’s a really lucky thing that the nearest place to pull over is actually the parking lot of a drugstore that happens to sell oil. It’s even luckier if you have a Scott of your own who happens to be on his way home and can do all the dirty work for you.* While you’re waiting for your Scott to arrive it is also very lucky if you happen to have a Car Kit with scissors so you can improvise a funnel out of a water bottle. It’s also pretty cool that the kit also contains individual handi-wipes to clean the hands of your Scott after he’s done saving the car. And then you can pick up dinner from your neighborhood Italian place before you head home. Seriously though, the car kit has saved the day a number of times since I’ve had it. It’s always so cheerful to realize that you do have that flashlight/tire gauge/sunscreen/safety pin/breath mint/pliers that you need.

* (For the record I definitely can put oil in my own car but he really was only minutes away and what the hell, it likely saved my favorite jeans from a nasty oil stain.)

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links: shopping

A Bike Helmet That Doesn’t Make You Look Like a Dork | The Hairpin.

Feather Earrings Blue Leather by MissFluff on Etsy. I like the juxtaposition of weight and feather lightness in these earrings. Check out the feathers necklace as well.

Jordan Ferney | Oh Happy Day!: New BHLDN Party Supply Line. I love these decorations.

How to Shop at Discount Stores Without Looking Cheap | The Hairpin.

i make shiny things : Not cool Urban Outfitters, not cool. Urban Outfitters blatantly rips off an independent artist. Again. A friend of mine has one of the Truche necklaces and it’s lovely./p>

The Jackie Cardigan, a favorite of The Ugly Green Chair (who I trust to do my shopping for me).

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photo: night ferry

brightly lit and completely empty ferry

This is what the last ferry at night out from Bremerton looks like. I was on foot and barely made it, I half-jogged the few miles from the house of the friend I was visiting, sprinted up the pedestrian entrance and moments after I got on board the ferry pulled away.

There were very few people with me, one was a very big and ominous bald man with the most amazing and delicate flower tattoo covering his scalp. I wanted to rub his head but thought he might take it the wrong way.

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links: misc

Young Adult dystopia? | Ask MetaFilter.

How can life be made more like games? | Ask MetaFilter.

Cool Tools: IDEO Method Cards. I’m looking at the iOS application option here.

How do I pimp out a cocktail? | Ask MetaFilter. Interesting question on the probability of introducing a cocktail idea that it appears nobody has created yet.

Book recommendations – slay me with modern fictional awesomeness! | Ask MetaFilter.

Goodbye, Sarah Jane at Kottke. Aw, I liked her, she’ll be missed.

Hacker Typer. This is way fun, the site lets you type like a hacker in a movie, via A Whole Lotta Nothing.

How I saved my Porsche from a flood by floating it, Gizmodo.

But Which Bike is Right for ME? | Ask MetaFilter. This sounds like me, recommendations for a bicycle for a short female living in hilly Seattle which is primarily going to be used on paved surfaces.

How To Open A Bag of Charcoal « Cheap Talk. How to properly unravel that little string thingy. I wonder if this poses any trouble to those who knit or crochet? Do we look at it and comprehend how to most easily undo it? Via Kottke.

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photo: cheery red VW van

a sign painter

This van was so cheerful, like spotting a bunch of balloons on a dreary day. The owner clearly loves their van.

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links: travel

Kickmap NYC 24 | From the entry: “Since relocating New York, this app has come in handy when navigating the various subway stops to and from Brooklyn. Its taken the simplicity of Massimo Vignellis original design and modernized it to be used w/ gestural interactions. They also have a day/night view w/ changes to subway stop coverage. Simple, elegant and colorful and useful to boot!”

Ode to Manny’s by David Schmader – The Stranger. If you love beer and you visit the PNW I insist you try Manny’s.

A Vacation in Seattle with Kids | Frantic Foodie. How to vacation in our own city in great style!

Airport Reviews | The Guide to Sleeping in Airports. A good site to keep in mind for my next too-long layover.

Where and when to see aurora borealis in 2012? | Ask MetaFilter.

Splendid Thing: White Noise Apps for Travel | Nothing But Bonfires.

RER strike in Paris today. What should I do to get to Charles de Gaulle airport? | Ask MetaFilter.

Day trip to Greenland from Iceland? | Ask MetaFilter and Iceland! is five hours enough time to get out of the airport, especially to the Blue Lagoon? | Ask MetaFilter. There is a bus service that goes to the lagoon and back from the airport. If I ever fly through Iceland again I’ll look for a nice long layover.

You know how sometimes you find a single object that makes travel so much less inconvenient, uncomfortable, or disorganized? Please tell me what I would buy now if only I knew of its existence | Ask MetaFilter.

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photo: a sign painter

a sign painter

I was walking through the Georgetown neighborhood and spotted this nice guy painting a sign by hand. I stopped to ask if I could take a photo and mentioned I knew somebody who is making a film about people who paint signs by hand. “Faythe?” He asked. Indeed. The world, it is small.

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links: the home

10 Modern Planters for Narrow Balconies Shopper’s Guide | Apartment Therapy New York. We have the last ones shown in this list, they work really well but I admit aren’t the most beautiful (but they were on sale and we needed ten of them!).

Ask a Clean Person: Spilled Nail Polish and Mysterious Smells | The Hairpin. I’m noting the recommendation for DampRid here, we have a finished basement where we spent lots of time and while it’s miraculously water tight (knock on foundation wood) it can be a bit too humid downstairs.

Use Black Paint to Hide TVs in Plain Sight | Apartment Therapy Unplggd.

before & after: paneled wood wall | Design*Sponge. I like the wood wall here but what I like even more is how the switch transformed the white banister into something much cleaner and modern looking.

Make Your Own Upholstered Bed in One Weekend at Big Box Detox, via Apartment Therapy.

Build a Patio: Notes from a DIY – DIY Life.

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giveaway: Yolo Colorhouse Design Kits

Yolo Colorhouse wants you to know that their paint is now available in Lowe’s stores on the West Coast, and to help spread the word they are offering one lucky reader some useful things, more on that below. To celebrate the introduction the paint is being offered at a special price, yipee. Go see more about this, and find out which select stores the paint will be available in.

Yolo Colorhouse makes gorgeous zero-VOC paint which means it’s good for you, your home and the environment. They are both Green Seal certified and has a whole bunch of LEED rating points. I first learned about Yolo Colorhouse when we bought our first home and painted every wall, ceiling and door with zero-VOC paint (I would have painted the floors too, but half are already pretty nice and the other half are carpet). Yolo Colorhouse has amazing colors, each one is richly pigmented and seems to spring from nature. I wasn’t surprised to find that the women who founded the company actually started with color, custom mixing it on the spot for clients, and was followed by researching and creating paint that would be healthier for themselves and the dwellings they put it in. They call themselves color nerds! Their designer sensibilities also show in how they present the paint, they sell poster-sized samples of the actual paint which you can hang on the wall of you choice to see how it acts in the light in that space and there is no need to paint a swatch on your wall (something I find perilous and more work than it seems). Or, if you’re getting ready to make some paint choices for your home, you can order a Design Kit which are books of 8×8 samples of all the colors they offer. Which brings us back to the giveaway!

Yolo Colorhouse would like to give a reader both of their Design Kits, each is worth $80. One set contains The Earth’s Color collection and the second contains both The Color of Hope collection as well as the Sprout collection which is a range of lovely pastels suitable for childrens rooms. Each sample card lists three companion colors on the back as well as a note on the color. My favorite, Petal .02, says “Hot lime – full of energy. Try it with black and white – makes for a lively contemporary kitchen or for an accent in a kid’s play room.” Petal .01 reports “Make no mistake, Petal .01 is loud and vibrant. An orange designed to be used sparingly, unless you want to live loud.” Each kit is bound using a metal ring that is easy to unclasp so you can hold up individual samples as needed. In addition to the design kits you’ll get an organic cotton tote bag and a BPA-free water bottle. Excellent, right?

Are you a designer? Or just fixing up your house and anticipating needing some time to obsess over colors? These are meant for you. If you think these Design Kits would come in handy you can enter this giveaway simply by leaving a comment with this post. If you’d like something to chat about (I love reading all the responses) please answer this question: Which color would you paint your ideal kitchen? I think I’d go with a sunny yellow to keep my spirits up during our overcast winter days. You’ve got until Tuesday, June 14th to enter, the fine print applies and the winner will be chosen by the Random Number Generator. Just so you know: This a sponsored giveaway, from a company I like.

Alright, good luck! Done! I’ll be announcing the winning number once I’ve heard back. Thanks so much for entering everybody!

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daily-ish photo: bacon maple bar from Frost

maple bacon bar from Frost donuts

We found ourselves out near Frost Donuts (a short drive away from Seattle) so we stopped in. I’d read a lot about it but I wasn’t prepared for how amazing the donuts look (take a peek at that Aztec Chocolate, go on), how adorably designed the shop was, and how really, really good the donuts were. I didn’t mean to eat this whole one but I did. We are definitely going to find a reason to swing by again soon.

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links: craft

Grosgrain: Free Pattern Month Day 1 – The Sew Convert: The Sunny Resort Blouse Pattern. I like this blouse a lot! Via Craftzine.

How-To: Portal Sentry Turret Egg Cup blog. Oh, cool.

Crepe Paper Garland for Cinco de Mayo | Family Style. Via Jordan Ferney on Twitter.

Jordan Ferney | Oh Happy Day!: DIY Pop Up Cards. Simple and fantastic.

How To: Make Tree Branch Magnets » Man Made DIY. These are great.

How to dye buttons | Rit Dye. This is a very good bit of knowledge to have if you sew or knit. Via Craftzine.

DIY Faux Enamel Necklace · Dismount Creative. Love this, so very simple. Via the awesome Design Crush.

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the alphabet according to my browser

I recently found myself idly typing letters into my browsers location bar and noticing which sites it first suggests as an auto complete. So I made this list, which may or may not be an interesting alphabetic snapshot of the sites I’ve recently been visiting the most often. These don’t reflect sites that I read obsessively in RSS and some results are surprising. (No Twitter or Pinterest? I’ll have to figure out how that works.)

A: Alicia Paulson, who was lovely enough to offer a copy of her book for the May giveaways

B: The Beer Junction, a local beer shop and where I get Pliny the Elder and good advice on what other beer I might like (I’m an IPA lover)

C: Cliff Mass, a local weather guru

D: Design Mom, I love following her reports from France

E: Epiphanie Bags, those lovely camera bags all the cool bloggers have (is now a good time to tell you I have one too?)

F: Feedburner, I set up my feed through them before they became owned by Google, and I was so relieved that the switch over was seamless

G: Grassroots Business Association, the small business group I’m a committee member of

H: The Hairpin, it’s where I get beauty advice from a producer of This American Life (that sound? is a few of my worlds colliding)

I: IMDB, for all those “that guy” look ups, I also like their collection of news for updates on what is going on in movies and TV with just enough celebrity gossip thrown in

J: Jordan Ferney, maker of excellent parties and surprises, and reporting from her move to Paris

K: Knox Gelatine, research for a current project

L: Luxirare, I’m in love with her posts about food

M: Musings of a Muse, where I get my makeup reviews

N: NetShift, a neat little game made by foon, NetShift is the successor to BlackShift (which I liked even more but doesn’t work on newer computers, sadly)

O: Gmail. Wait, Gmail? Apparently I don’t visit sites that have O in them? How about Mrs. O? Tom and Lorenzo? Overstock? C’mon browser!

P: Posie Gets Cozy, Alicia again, I got sucked in by the adorable dog and kept reading

Q: Ask Metafilter, not surprising in the least as it’s all Qs

R:, the number generator I use for giveaway winners

S: School House Craft, a conference here in Seattle that I’ll be at to talk about blogging with Blair from Wise Craft and Molly from Orangette

T: Tom and Lorenzo, they who do Project Rungay and keep up commentary on all sorts of shows and red carpet events

U: Ugly Green Chair, Whitney is one of my oldest blog-to-real-life friends!

V: Voracious, a local Seattle food blog

W: WTF with Marc Maron on PRX, these are a selection of WTF podcasts trimmed down to fit in a usual public radio slot and I’m so happy to see they are being picked up by public radio stations across the US (you should request it of your local station, just a suggestion — I also suggest you listen to the WTF podcast if you don’t already)

X: XKCD, I like this online comic so darn much

Y: YouTube, this one is a surprise as I really don’t spend much time on the site, though I did watch this fun fan-made Portal video yesterday: Outside Aperture

Z: Zappos, I recently panic-ordered a lot of shoes to try and they all arrived in one big box, it’s so large I could curl up inside and ship myself back

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A Big Thank You

Thank you so very much to everybody who entered the giveaways last month, wow there are a lot of you. And another huge thank you to all the businesses that were so generous, I am honored that you all were so happy to share with my readers. Awesome all around, clap clap clap! Here are my gift conspirators, in order of appearance:

And I’ve got a few offers and announcements for readers if you’d like:

School House Craft is offering a 20% discount to readers for any ticket combination they buy for the conference here in Seattle in September. Enter notmartha when you get your tickets.

This Charming Candy is offering 10% off of items in their Etsy shop, enter NotMartha10years at checkout. Good through Friday night, June 3rd.

Product Body is offering 15% off through June 15th (one use per customer). Enter NOTMARTHA15 when you’re checking out.

Crystalyn Kae is holding a studio sale here in Seattle this Saturday, June 4 from 10am to 4pm at 5611B Phinney Ave N, Seattle WA 98103. There will likely be a few things that won’t have appeared in the regular collection.

Whew, ok, thanks everybody!

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