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Happy New Year

origami bunny on a card

Happy Year of the Rabbit! May it bring you friends and celebrations. (The card above was sent by a friend who made it all by hand, I love the origami rabbit with the sticker dot for a tail!)

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teeny cookies as decoration

tiny cookies decorating a straw for a chocolate milkshake

Yesterday I talked about some teeny tiny cookies and in the comments Suswhit mentioned a restaurant that uses them to decorate straws for milkshakes. Adorable! Luckily I have good milkshakes nearby and tried it out. I can tell you that these cookies just barely fit on the thinner style drinking straws. I wish I’d thought to get some whipped cream and sprinkle matching nonpareils on top.

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links: Valentine’s Day

Wants and Wishes: 14 days of Valentines. Fourteen days of free printable tags and project ideas from food packaging to cute little gifts! Great stuff.

Molly’s Sketchbook: Valentine Heart Barrettes – the purl bee. So sweet.

say YES! to hoboken: Valentines Day Traditions. I love each of the Valentines Day projects she’s linked to below. Swoon worthy.

Curbly Roundup: Seriously Awesome Valentine’s Day Cards for Him » Curbly | DIY Design Community « Keywords: Valentine’s, Holiday, card, paper.

Personalized Hot Chocolate Spoons + Coupon | giverslog. I’m too late posting this to get them in time for Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to point out how amazing these spoons with a hidden message are.

Twig & Thistle » Naturally Sweet DIY Valentine. Printable stickers for fruit with sweet messages, love these!

Heart Cake Tutorial – i am baker. Pulled from last year’s links, this is great. The cake has a secret red heart inside revealed only when you cut a slice.

Bake It in a Cake • Bake a Heart in a Cake! Pretty pink cake heart inside a cupcake, awesome.

Sprinkle Bakes: Chocolate Pâté with Crème Chaud-Froid. This is amazing but what I love most is the picture with the little dash of various sized heart sprinkles, so darling.

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teeny cookies

[ teeny wreath shaped cookies with colored nonpareils ]

One thing that is making me happy this winter are these teeny cookies. I bought them just because the box says “teeny” right on it. They are about the size of a quarter and with the crunchy nonpareils they are so much fun to eat. The chocolate ones taste like fudge stripe cookies, a favorite from my childhood. I must make teeny cookies of my own soon.

[ teeny wreath shaped cookies with colored nonpareils, in a pink box ]

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links: technology

BBC – Podcasts – Secret History of Social Networking. Via Waxy.

ALT Summit Presentation  | Mighty Girl. “Beyond the Banner: A 12-Step Program for Successful Content Campaigns”. This was a fabulous panel, I sat and absorbed every word.

opensource html editor? | Ask MetaFilter. I’m researching alternatives to my ancient version of Homesite that does not work with my new computer, lots of suggestions here.

Best Homesite replacement for PC? – Doctype. Another good list of Homesite replacements.

Free or very low cost image editing software? | Ask MetaFilter.

Things I learned at Altitude Design Summit | PROMISE TANGEMAN ART & DESIGN. A good summary of what was shared at Alt.

Gameloft Unmasks Mysterious RPG, Now Titled ‘Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden’ | Touch Arcade. Zelda like, you say?

They Need To Be Fed Review | Touch Arcade. Looks like a very cute and fun little game. Is Back with Activision’s Approval | Touch Arcade.

swissmiss | Grid-A-licious. A beautiful and minimal theme for WordPress.

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