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Volumizing Dry Shampoo spray

Volumizing Dry Shampoo by Big Sexy Hair. I use this for days when I’m going to be exercising later but I just need to get one thing at the drugstore and don’t want my hair to scream “I have not been washed in at least 24 hours”. It works just great. The directions have you brush it out after a few minutes but I usually just spray it on like hairspray and leave it.

Puzzle Bots game

Puzzle Bots. This really delightful and funny point and click adventure game from indie developer Erin Robinson is now available from Steam for $4.99. I was sent a review copy and played part of the way through before finding it had a time limit, oops, so I didn’t finish. I’ll be buying this to finish it.

Candy Cane Joe-Joes

Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s. I love these seasonal cookies from Trader Joe’s, they have a sharp and refreshing peppermint flavor. Note: kids don’t generally like them, I heard one precocious girl say they were “too spicy” for her liking. That’s just fine, more for me.

OXO mini clips

OXO mini clips. I use these to hold recipes on the wall near my counter, to hold takeout menus on the fridge, and to hold little bags of baking ingredients closed. They have a strong magnet on the back and have rubber bits inside the clamp which means it holds tight to everything. Whenever I need an item to make up a total to get free shipping on Amazon I can usually manage to find a pack of these on sale so at this point I have a lot and I use them all. They also come in steel.

The Walkind Dead logo

The Walking Dead. This is a really nicely done zombie show created from a series of graphic novels. It’s only two episodes in and I’m hooked. It seems to also be making fans of the original graphic novels happy as well.

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links: food

Creative food craft ideas | Edible Crafts |

Hendrick’s Gin in Girvan, Scotland – Sight Unseen.

What is the second herbal tea to try after chamomile? | Ask MetaFilter. Lots of great herbal tea recommendations. I didn’t know that fennel tea was made, and I’ve never heard of ku ding.

Veggie & Quinoa Pot Pie – Our Domicile.

Pumpkin gnocchi | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Black*Eiffel: Martha Stewart Makes Cookies. iPad app!

How to Make Mulling Spices for the Holidays | Serious Eats.

Ad Hoc Chocolate Chip Cookies « Baking Bites.

How to make edible glue | Sweetopia.

The Burger Lab: Revisiting the Myth of The 12-Year Old McDonald’s Burger That Just Won’t Rot (Testing Results!) | A Hamburger Today. People, this one is surprising.

Apple Cakes · Edible Crafts | These are adorable.

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Gifted Magazine

Gifted magazine cover

Gifted Magazine is an online holiday magazine presented by Creature Comforts and full of really wonderful holiday projects and gift ideas. I’m delighted by it, bring on Christmas.

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Anthology Magazine

Anthology Magazine cover

If you’ve been missing some of your favorite lifestyle and shelter magazines this will delight you. Anthology Magazine is a brand new print magazine that is published quarterly. It’s put together by Meg Mateo Ilasco author of Craft, Inc., Creative, Inc. and Crafting A Meaningful Home, and Anh-Minh Le a design writer and somebody whose website I’ve been reading for ages. Hooray!

If you happen to live in San Francisco the magazine’s launch party is Thursday, Nov. 11th at the West Elm store in Emeryville. Go for me?

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Seattle Ikea: two kinds of hooks, two shortcuts

shortcut goes from mirrors to aisle 62, close to the checkout lanes!

Earlier this week I accompanied Tea on a trip to the Seattle Ikea. She taught me how much you can get done at Ikea in the twenty minutes before closing time and I showed her my two favorite shortcuts.

Shortcut #1: If you head to your right just as you go in the main entrance doors, pass by the entrance to the kids play area and round the corner at the end of that hallway you’ll pop out near the restaurant, thus bypassing the entire showroom half of the store.

Shortcut #2 (my absolute favorite): If you take the official shortcut in the marketplace area with the mirrors and picture frames you’ll go through a hallway and end up in the warehouse just a few rows from the checkout lanes, bypassing nearly the entirety of the warehouse section. This one isn’t a secret, but the sign for it is hard to spot unless you’re looking for it as it’s just out of the sightlines from the main walkway. You come out at aisle 62 so if only need one thing from the warehouse and it’s in, say, aisle 50 you can cut through here and backtrack through the warehouse. It’ll save a bunch of time and will avoid the pinch of going through the section with vases and plant pots (which we call “The Gauntlet”).

These two combined can save a huge amount of time. Especially if you’re only there to eat some meatballs and pick up a new cutting board.

I also noted two Ikea items I’ve been somewhat obsessed over in the last few years.

Vippa hooks, with two screws

Vippa hooks: These are simple metal double hooks, both the angled top and the curved bottom can hold something. Since they are attached with two screws instead of one they won’t eventually loosen and rotate against the wall. (I’m looking at you, Blecka hooks.) When we set up our kitchen storage the Vippa hooks were on the website but the spot for them in the store, conveniently labeled “Vippa”, was empty. For years. I checked the stock at stores all over the world and even had Busywork check on them in a UK Ikea, no luck. (Though I did gain a witness to my madness on this point.) And suddenly earlier this year there they were. So, if you’re looking for a good hook for your wall in a closet or entryway Vippa might be for you. They come in two sizes and I suggest you buy them now before they disappear again.

Grundtal 9-hooks, a loop at one end, a hook at the other

Grundtal hooks: These 9-shaped hooks were the ones I used in my improvised kitchen cabinet handle-as-hanging-bar (about half way down that page). Unlike S-hooks they can’t be pushed off to fall noisily. I get reports from time to time that people cannot find them, but my Ikea faithfully has them in the Grundtal section of the marketplace aisles where the bathroom fixtures are. Grundtal is also the name of storage items in the kitchen section which does or used to carry Grundtal S-hooks, thus the confusion, I think. That and I wouldn’t be surprised to find that my Ikea is the only one in the universe that actually stocks the 9-hooks. If you need some get in touch, I’ll be happy to get some to you.

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links: technology

FingerGaming » Bulkypix to Bring Gobliiins Series to iPhone.

Cool Tools: Calibre + Instapaper.

How to Clean Electronics – DIY Life.

Minecraft Is Ridiculous | Slog. A little catch up on just what Minecraft is.

AppShopper App and Push Notifications | Touch Arcade. “For example, with the right combination of filters you can find every app that has gone from Paid to Free.”

Official ‘The 7th Guest’ Port Coming to App Store | Touch Arcade.

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links: the home

Save Energy without Replacement Windows – DIY Life.

Heated….RUGS? » Curbly | DIY Design Community « Keywords: heater, space_heater, rug_pad, rug. I think I want a rug heater, anybody used one? Like it?

DIY Athens Farm Wedding | Once Wed. While the wedding dress is great, I’m bookmarking this for the easy and charming polka dot garland shown behind the sewing machine.

Dyson City DC-26 Multi floor (NOTCOT). It’s so tiny, and it has a retractable cord. I might rethink my proposed purchase of a Miele.

WowWall on Etsy. I like the scale of these wall stickers.

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links: craft

Crafty Crafty: Free bag pattern: For Pleats Sake.

Knit Kit, at Outblush. Looks like everything you might need in a tidy little plastic box.

Lovely Liberty Coin Purses – the purl bee. Instructions on how to create a coin purse, and don’t miss the Liberty coin purse kits that they have for sale.

DIY Paper Cupcake Stands · Edible Crafts @ CraftGossip.

In-Depth Review of Shelter yarn created by Jared Flood at Knitter’s Review. I’m smitten with this yarn and I find wool unbearably itchy, here is why: he sourced wool from sheep in the US and from US breeds, the yarn is spun in a US mill. Also, this description from Clara made me swoon: “The fibers were then scoured, dyed, and carefully blended together to create 17 different colors — not dunk-dyed unidimensional solids, but gently nuanced heathers built upon at least two, sometimes three or more different hues.” Buy Shelter here, Jared Flood patterns for this yarn are here.

Soap App · Bath and Body @ CraftGossip. An app that calculates amount for cold process soap, wow.

Soap and the Finer Things in Life: Mondo Bath Bombs. Via Craft Gossip. blog : Denim and Leather Bag Tutorial. blog : How-To: Felt Flower Bouquet.

Make Fabric Hair Flowers, at Readymade.

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