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A Whole Lotta Nothing: Q&A with John Scharffenberger: First wine, then chocolate, and now … tofu? :: The Ethicurean: Chew the right thing..

How To Make Your Own Glow Sticks, at Laughing Squid.

SUCCEED Blog: A collection of the world’s most epic, awesome, mind blowing Succeeds. I have not mentioned how much I like Suceed Blog, it is a panacea to the many fail blogs.

Have Family Portraits Taken? Check! | Mighty Girl. Oh wow this made me laugh, and made me feel better about my half hour delay hair emergency for our portraits with Mastin Studio and how gracious and unaffected Kirk was about it.

What can I do for my guys? | Ask MetaFilter. I love the universal call for money or PTO over providing trinkets or paying for a party. As somebody who has worked for silly companies I can say I too found the offer of stuff for my extra time demoralizing.

xkcd: Sample. I find myself getting all Get Off My Lawn style uptight when NPR plays one too many stories with ambient traffic noise that is jarring to hear while you’re driving.

The Magic of Fake Ice – Cubes, Slush, etc. (NOTCOT). blog : How To: Make Over an Old Bike.

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  • 1 fillyjonk // Aug 25, 2010 at 6:34 am

    One of the news radio stations here plays a loud horn and traffic noise right before a traffic report. More than once I’ve jumped while out driving, thinking I was hearing an accident about to happen.

    I wonder if any of those radio stations that play traffic noise ever are blamed for causing an accident by scaring/distracting drivers.

    And on the paid time off/trinkets issue: YES. At my workplace we once all got coffee mugs and other glitzy crap instead of bonuses, or even equipment improvements (which we sorely needed). Surface is just surface. If you value your employees, you value their well-being, you don’t send them coffee mugs to thank them for doing overload work semester after semester.

  • 2 Seanna Lea // Aug 25, 2010 at 8:25 am

    I look at Fail blogs probably far too often (and cute ones and geeky ones), so it is nice to see an alternative!

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