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Where is the most bountiful font of ‘hipster cribs’ stories? | Ask Metafilter.

shelterrific » modern mailbox: found. I must remember this!

swissmiss | Overhang Shelf with Hooks. I’m currently shopping for things that will fit in our tiny bathroom, this might work.

Chunky Console Table | west elm. I love that this can act as a fireplace-like focal point in a room. Wish this was around when we were trying to figure out what to do with the dining room.

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links: christmas

Felt-o-rama: classic fibers for modern crafters: Felt Christmas Trees – Merry and Bright!. So easy and so fun. Via Spinning Jennie.

twelve22 – Winter-time paper house freebie.

dozi: stacked felt xmas trees.

The Small Object » Stacking Fabric Christmas Trees.

gray felted sweater tree on Flickr.

25 Days of Christmas Craft – a set on Flickr.

Perfect Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing on

FilzFelt | Holiday. Felt ornaments, so cool.

ISO gingerbread construction recipes – Home Cooking – Chowhound.

pies and gossamer thread trees « West Coast Crafty. I love the little thread trees that Susan made. The instructions are in a book being sold to raise money for charity, it’s available only through Dec. 31st: Crafty Tree Trimmings.

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knitting in process: short row earflap hat

chunky red hat with short row earflaps

I have this thing about winter hats, they never quite cover my earlobes. I forget all about this until I’m out in the cold and then it’s too late and I end up tugging the hat down trying to keep my poor ears warm. Even the Calorimetry, which I love, doesn’t quite cover my whole ear (maybe I have freakishly large ears?).

The hat shown here is my rough draft and is riddled with mistakes. I closed the short rows on one side incorrectly, I missed when to cable and did some at every five rows, some at six and one a seven. Despite this it’s still my favorite functionally warm hat. And I have enough yarn to make a more polished one. It’s pictured here on a styrafoam head that is considerably smaller than my own head.

chunky red hat with short row earflaps
The hat shown pulled down over the forehead.

I was telling a friend, Maggi, about this and my requirements. I didn’t want to have a staggered cast on (I like tubular for hats), I didn’t want to have tie anything under the chin, I didn’t want to go back and knit ear flaps later on (they don’t seem to do anything but hang there anyhow). Then Maggi, all effortless like, suggested short rows. She is a genius. I’ve only just wrapped my head around how short rows work so I gave it a shot.

chunky red hat with short row earflaps
The hat shown pulled back a bit.

I made the short rows on this hat like you would do for a sock heel (each row was shorter than the previous), and the result was that they curl inward and hug underneath the ear, a nice unexpected outcome. I used the Chunky Cabled Beanie pattern from Stitch Cafe as a starting point. (Here found at the Internet Archive after it disappeared during a site redesign sometime in the last two days.) I added a pattern repeat, for a total of seven cable/rib sections, and placed the short row areas centered over cabled sections closer to the back of the head, if you are counting from the join at the back of the head they would be over sections 2 and 6.

chunky red hat with short row earflaps, set flat on the floor to show details

The hat is shown above flat. On the left is the hat from the front, and on the right is the hat from the side (if worn one’s face would be pointed to the left). I’m trying to show how I didn’t center the earflaps but set them back a bit, they seem to be well placed for me.

chunky red hat with short row earflaps, on me
(I’m no good at getting photographs of myself in a mirror, this is the only one that shows the hat well enough.)

There are a few short row earflap hats already out there including this very tidy one from QueerJoe’s Knitting Blog, the Brioche Helmet Hat from Interweave Knits, Earflap Hat from Sunshine Knit Designs, and Cameron’s Cap by Sarah Peasley (note: that link is to a PDF).

I’m not sure if it uses short rows but I like the cabled had from Rebecca shown by Action Hero in her roundup of winter hats. Another ear covering hat that comes immediately to mind is the Amelia Earhart Aviator Cap. On Ravelry I found the Mimipita Earflap Hat, which is written in Japanese but uses a universal chart, and the Cabled Earflap Hat which is sized for a baby but easily made larger using a larger gauge.

There are also plenty of cute earflap hats that have chin ties that I wouldn’t mind having: Cabled Chullo, Snowboarder Hat That Rocks and 18 Seconds to Sunrise.

One last note, I still really like Japanese short rows. The best tutorials I’ve found are at nonaKnits and for Japanese short rows in the round Adorabubble Knits works through it nicely.

p.s. My project is here on Ravelry in case you’re interested: red cabled short row earflap hat.

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links: technology

Appvent Calendar, offered from Blacksmith Games, give us a free game offered for one day through the month of December. Go, play.

Best Mac text-editor to replace Homesite on a PC? | Ask Metafilter.

A $15 Must-Have iPhone Accessory –

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upcoming events in Seattle

This Thursday night at 7 p.m. Amy Karol (Angry Chicken) will be at The Quilting Loft to sign her book Bend The Rules With Fabric. I be there with that and her first book, Bend-The-Rules Sewing, in hand.

This weekend is the Urban Craft Uprising! Dec. 5th and 6th, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. So many of my favorites will be there:

Wednesday, Dec. 9th is the Anniversary Party for the Grassroots Business Association. We’ll be gathering at Vermillion to talk over the year that has passed, there will be cupcakes.

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