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Sock Summit

I’m at the Sock Summit in Portland, OR. You might not think a thousand knitters could converge in one place and knit and talk and shop nothing but socks for four days, and you would be wrong.

The marketplace here is enormous (and open to the public, in case you are nearby and happen to be a knitter). Here are some booths that caught my eye:

Splityarn Handmade

Splityarn Handmade
Splityarn Handmade zipper boxes, flat pouches and camera straps, she has such beautiful fabrics (and is a super sweet person!).

Queen Bee Creations
Queen Bee Creations felt bags with these darling flowers, they don’t have zippers and would really nicely for your knitting. They also have all the fabulous vinyl bags and pouches they are famous for.

Hazel Knits

Hazel Knits
Hazel Knits yummy yarns. She also has a very popular sock club.


5elementknitr makes these super handy stitch markers, they have a detachable short crochet hook for the moment when you drop a stitch but don’t have a crochet hook handy. She also makes some in lovely sterling silver.

Other booths I took note of with the help of the wool-loving Maggi:

  • sets of six 5-inch, very bendy and smooth palmwood DPNs at the Laurel Hill Needles booth ($16!). I have some Laurel Hill #5 needles and love them dearly.
  • Miss Babs, lovely yarns (the sport weight is on sale)
  • Signature Needles, you can compare the mid and stiletto tips
  • try out some square needles at Kollage
  • Wool Candy, bright and happy colors
  • Simply Socks Yarn Company, very nice price for soft sock yarns
  • Namaste small bags (very Hobo-y) perfect for a small projects on DPNs at the Tanglewood Fiber Creations booth
  • Van Der Rock, yarn from Canada
  • you can put your name in a drawing to win a set of DPNs at the Sock Stix booth

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Crepe-Paper Flowers. Poppies, at Martha Stewart.

Flowery Swizzle Sticks. Made from tissue paper, at Martha Stewart.

Shaped Crepe Flowers. These are also in the tissue paper kit from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Crafted Bouquet. More tissue paper flowers, at Martha Stewart.

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Alpine Martini Recipe : Food Network. I never did get to Cascadia before it closed, here is the recipe for their famous drink. Wonder if I can convince a friend to loan me her ice cream maker so I can make this drink?

Terribly Inconvenient Granola : Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm. aka The World’s Greatest Granola. I must try this as I have lots of access to bulk foods and a considerable lack of granola in my life.

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an afternoon at Urban Craft Uprising

We had a great time at Urban Craft Uprising yesterday! Congrats to Moxie, Kristen and the rest of the UCU staff for putting together such a great show. Here are some of the booths we visited:

pins from Schmancy
Kristen’s pins, so cute!

Creature Crochet book by Kristen Rask
Kristen’s book Creature Crochet due out in September.

Button and Stitch book by Kristen Rask
And another book by Kristen, Button and Stitch, due out in December.

large needle felted sculpture by Made by Moxie
Moxie’s big Fisher-Price figurine.

Made by Moxie fingerpuppets!
And fingerpuppets!

Dave Sheely Designs booth at UCU
Dave and Mary Sheely.

Esther necklace made by Dave Sheely Design
One of the Esther necklaces from Dave Sheely Designs.

cupcake tree painting by Cakespy
A happy cupcake tree from Cakespy. I wish this were real.

lots of little watercolors by Cakespy
Lots of little original watercolors from Cakespy, including another in the zombie series. I think I need more cupcake zombie art.

Idolatre Steampunk dress from Norwescon
Idolatre had some amazing clothes, corsets and leggings and this steampunk dress from her Norwescon 32 Fannish Fetish Fashion Show.

panties by Idolatre
Cute panties with ruffles from Idolatre.

Chroizo salt by Secret Stash Sea Salt
The much recommended Chorizo salt from Secret Stash Sea Salts.

Vanilla salt by Secret Stash Sea Salt
I have some of this Vanilla Salt from Secret Stash Sea Salts and put it on peanut butter toast and ice cream. Delicious.

Matthew Porter monkey painting
A painting I covet from Matthew Porter. Trivia, he owns Blue Bottle Art Gallery with is wife Andrea, who is a main board member of the Grassroots Business Association.

Matthew Porter reusable wall stickers
Really sweet reusable wall stickers from Matthew Porter.

Krystalyn Kae handbags booth at UCU
I stumbled across the booth of Crystalyn Kae handbags.

Crescent bag from Krytalyn Kae
This Crescent bag from Crystalyn Kae is popular, I see one on somebody wherever I go.

Dinah Coops necklaces, lovely
Dinah Coops makes some lovely designs, and all of her things are made from sustainable materials

napkins from Dinah Coops
Really lovely napkins from Dinah Coops.

dress form earrings from Polymath Design Lab
I love these dress form earrings from Polymath Design Lab.

Polymath Design Lab necklaces
The Polymath Design Lab necklaces were so delicate.

Polymath Design Lab cufflinks
Scott really liked the Ag cufflinks from Polymath Design Lab.

I narrowly missed getting to visit with Susan Beal who was there with her book Button It Up, and Brookelynn Morris who was there with her book Feltique. Sorry guys!

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