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article about Garfidld Minus Garfield, and Jim Davis likes it! at the NY Times

Undeniable Examples of Women Geniuses? at Ask Metafilter

‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ for Grown-ups at NPR

What does the NYT Style Guide say about “UK” vs. “England” at Ask Metafilter. This thread taught me the meaning of the word fisking.

White Seamless Tutorial for photographing humans and human sized things, which I mention because I’m thrilled to find photography tutorials for things larger than a loaf of bread. Via A Whole Lotta Nothing.

Fifth Avenue puzzle apartment, this is amazing, via Girl Hacker.

Please help me make a cheap but kick ass version of the amazing Mystery on 5th Avenue apartment for a friend. at Ask Metafilter

What rituals do you have in your profession or job? at Ask Metafilter

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