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Spore for the Nintendo DS! at Kottke

Most of us are familiar with the web 2.0 look – bright colours, big fonts, rounded corners, gloss and reflection effects – but what sites are breaking free of the stereotypes and pushing design boundaries? at Ask Metafilter

single serving sites at Kottke, also see the recently created Is Kottke Kottke?

David Byrne’s Radio Station is “his two-hour loop of new, wonderful, delicious tunes.” At Cool Tools.

What is the best FREE storefront type websites that don’t use payment gateways? at Ask Metafilter

Help me learn HTML and CSS. at Ask Metafilter.

Big Cartel for small businesses (it is compared to Etsy), at How About Orange

What is the perfect wii (or maybe ps2) game to play with my lady? at Ask Metafilter

“These folks, apparently named Kevin and Amanda, accept submissions of people’s handwriting. If they like yours, they’ll make it into a font for you for free. You can also download all the handwritten fonts they’ve ever made.” at How About Orange

Help me know what people who sell online ads know. at Ask Metafilter

Live View Digital SLR Cameras at Digital SLR Guide

What Does a “Live View” Screen Add to a Digital SLR? at PDNOnline

review of the Olympus E-330 (EVOLT) Digital SLR at DP Review, look it’s got a tilting screen!

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  • 1 PC // Mar 7, 2008 at 11:24 am

    Love the font website from How About Orange. I am obsessed with handwriting fonts.


  • 2 chrissy // Mar 8, 2008 at 4:50 am

    those single serving websites totally cracked me up. my office mates now wonder what’s wrong with me (“look! sometimes it’s red, sometimes it’s blue! ha! ha!”)

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