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Lola’s South City Bakery on Rainier Ave.

This morning was bright and clear so we walked a few blocks to the bakery/cafe that recently opened in our neighborhood. Lola’s South City Bakery is in Hillman City on Rainier just north of Orcas Street. The place is small, with a few tables inside. They offer a menu of lunch type items including sandwiches and pizzas, and have a display case with breads and pastries. I am completely smitten with the place.

Today they had small and large (and stylish) sourdough, bagettes, a huge round country loaf that would have looked great as a centerpiece for a dinner party, a flat olive loaf that had a rough honeycomb look to it (which I’m planning to return for tomorrow), and some beautiful spelt loaves.

We bought a baguette, cinnamon roll and rye currant bun. The cinnamon roll wasn’t too sweet, and the glaze was slightly crunchy while the dough was light and pulled apart wonderfully. The rye current bun was amazing and made me wish we’d bought a dozen. It was savory and called out for butter and a cup of tea. The outside was satisfyingly crunchy and the inside was firm enough to stand up to having slightly cold butter spread on it. The flavors were hearty, and there was the flavor of honey underneath it all. This bun made me really happy to know I can just put on my shoes and walk over to buy more. I’m a huge fan of not-too-sweet pastries and both of these pleased me. They also had several types of cookies on offer, including a dark ginger molasses cookie which I regret not buying.

The bakery inherited the ice cream making supplies of the restaurant that previously occupied the space, and display gelatos in the first case you see when you enter. The breads and pastries are in the case just past that.

The baker was friendly, and seemed excited to explain to us about the various breads. I believe the girl behind the counter may be his daughter, as the menu mentions the cafe is family run.

They have pushed out a wall, allowing you to see back into the kitchen when you stand at the counter, and improvement over the previous incarnation where you felt like you were in a too-small space. The tables in front allow you to look out on the sidewalk, where there is space for a few tables to be used in warmer weather.

Before we were done eating we decided to make weekend morning trips to the bakery a regular thing, and I plan to visit for lunch at least once a week. If you live in Seattle I encourage you to visit if you’re down here, the food is good and the area could certainly benefit from being able to keep a place like this around.

Just like one of these reviews at Yelp, I didn’t realize until just now that the bakery is completely vegetarian. They even list a vegan sandwich and pizza offering. This is pretty amazing considering the part of the city we’re in.

To see pictures of their menu start here on my Flickr stream.

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  • 1 Berry // Dec 10, 2007 at 12:20 am

    The baguette looks like a ballet slipper!
    Wish I lived in your neighborhood…

  • 2 Rosemary // Dec 13, 2007 at 1:50 pm

    How enchanting! I wish Rockport had a neighborhood bakery like that! Texas is too spread out to have an abundance of establishments that you can walk to. So jealous!

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