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Vegetable twister, I so want one, at AT.

Vodka pia, at Chow.

A pink apple! at Brownie Points.

Eggs, spam and curry hash browns, at Da*xiang.

Hedgehogs for dinner and a cookie for fall, at Hogwash.

Deluxe potatoes at Chocolate & Zucchini.

Where Can I Find Sugar Decorations? at The Kitchen.

Upscale Jello shots at Chow.

Foraging in the City: Try not to kill yourself at Metroblogging Seattle.

at Ask Metafilter:

What are those crazy noodles from “Mr. Mom”?

How do I squeeze fruit into my cocktail without it squirting everywhere?

Can I bake a muffin with chocolate pudding inside?

I have fallen in love with this recipe for No Knead Bread. What (and when) should add additional ingredients to the dough?

What is the purpose of folding and covering my no-knead bread with a towel?

(See the original no-knead bread article and recipe and the follow up article by Mark Bittman.)

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