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The tall mouse, at Popgadget. Scott had an idea for something like this when he first began feeling mouse-hand strain.

30+ Firefox tools for bookmarking and search, at swissmiss.

How to trim your coax cable, boy do we have some trimming that needs to get done. At AT:Tech.

DCResource camera favorites, via Penmachine.

Oh Nintendo DS Lite, I still want you. Maybe even in red. But I want a bicycle more, sorry. At Popgadget.

Oh iPhone, oh, iPhone.

Furniture for a flatscreen, AT:Home Tech.

Drum pants, so very needed by somebody in this house.

Go vote for Maggie Mason (Mighty Girl) and Heather Armstrong’s (Dooce) panel for SXSW this year.

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I’m knitting a sweater: it looks like something!

What I have done:

  • Finished knitting all pieces.
  • Fixed the ribs in the center front, very fun.
  • Seamed, not as difficult as I thought but so much more time consuming. Also, tidier looking than I expected. I left myself long tails where I started and ended knitting, but decided to seam downwards to reduce bulk at the neck. This was a good idea because I had lots of ends to weave in after I had put in the collar and the attached i-cord down the center fronts.
  • Wove in ends, somehow left myself with small holes in the armpits where four seams meet but since I seamed downwards didn’t have any tails left to use. Very small though, not a big deal. Managed to create small pucker at hem near side seams, wove ends too tight.
  • Discovered I made the sleeves oh ha ha too long, they are at fingertips. Could loose an inch and a half. We’ll see though, I might enjoy wrapping them around my hands when the rains arrive. [Read more →]

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links: crafts

How to make stickers at Etsy Labs.

Pretty, Ex Libris made firefly jars.

Incredible amount of information from Angry Chicken on making toys for your children, or yourself, and where to find safe toys.

Cool, an Ikea turntable ironing board.

New kind of faux leather from Joseph Noble, oh please let this hit fabric stores somehow. Via AT:NY.

Zakka Zakka is a new online shop offering Japanese fabrics by the fat quarter. Also check out the little tins of herb starters.

via Craft:

DIY Harry Potter wands.

Seaming knits.

How to sew a collapsible bucket.

No-sew jersey scarf tutorial, I love American Apparel jersey scarves, but the fabric they use to make them isn’t quite as soft as it used to be.

How to sew square bag bottoms.

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fabric pots

These Hova Fabric Pots look great. Words from Hova Design: “The FabricPot is the first container made of waterproof breathable fabric. Its patent-pending design wraps the soil in fabric, allowing air and water vapor to circulate for proper aeration while keeping liquid water from leaking out. Unlike clay pots, FabricPots are lightweight, sturdy, easy to clean and won’t crack. Our current line features fabric patterns by Angela Adams woven in 100% post industrial recycled material.”

They have two types, the Silo pots are cylindrical while the Frusto pots are conical and narrower at the top and include a zipper to make repotting easier. More details here, and they are a small company so you can feel happy about buying some.

Perhaps these pots can work miracles and help me keep houseplants alive.

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I’m knitting a sweater: quick triumph and some links for myself

Lookie! I managed to learn tubular bind-off for 2×2 rib! And I like it! More on this later.

Attached i-cord links I need now:

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The United States of Arugula: How We Became a Gourmet Nation

In The Pink soap from Kiss My Face
This smells so good.

Cinnamon Puffins cereal
When Clotilde was here on her book tour for Chocolate & Zucchini somebody in the audience asked her if there was any food she would buy in the US to take back to France with her, and she said Cinnamon Puffins. I’m glad she did because it’s a great cereal that I hadn’t tried before.

a bicycle!
I want a Townie, or something similar. No long trail rides for this girl.

Knytt Stories
A new game from Nifflas, I adored Knytt and this one is just as enchanting. Read more about it at Jay Is Games. It’s very worth the download (for Windows, I’m afraid).

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