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Jedi Master

Eee! Seattle Bon Vivant found an R2-D2 mailbox at Pike Place Market!

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stuff for the home, and some other places

note to self: buy one of these sometime before next Christmas, or the next time I purchase printer cartridges from Costco, at Cool Tools

putting up shades at Happy Mundane, I think the temporary option was quite clever

Bra Baby for laundering bras, at Popgadget

I love a bunch of stuff at the Tiny Living store, but the under shelf basket looks really useful around my house

I want this cruiser bike as the Farmer’s Market opens in a month, at Oh Happy Day

Chow requests small kitchen DIY fixes

how utterly charming – a container for one thing at Rare Device

Rain Bird gel that gradually releases water to the roots of plants, I need this as I am a plant killer, at Anh-Minh

at various Apartment Therapy sites:

LED spring blossom lights

very useful looking Endo magnetic clip

Ikea fans

Candelier Art

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wait for it

This weekend we tried to hang our mirror. We carefully found the center of the wall, the center of the mirror, used the laser level and the stud finder, and double checked our measurments. We used the wall anchors that came with the mirror and in the process of putting one in the wall, using a regular screwdriver, we managed to create a large drywall bubble and break the anchor itself. We combed through our existing screws and anchors and determined that a trip to the hardware store was needed, but of course it was Easter Sunday and no Lowe’s would be open, not even the heathen ones. So we’ll have to wait until we can find time again.

We also waiting on a bunch of other projects for the house. We’re waiting for the weather to be good on a free weekend day so we can paint the front and back doors and stain some wood I’m planning on using for a (hopefully) very cool but small shoe rack. We have the artwork we’d like to hang on the tall walls of the entryway, but we’re waiting for the pendant lamp I ordered to arrive so we can borrow a ladder and do all the hanging and futzing with electrical bits all at once. We’re waiting for the new grass seed in the back yard to grow and we’re waiting for I-don’t-know-what to create cat-proof landscaping in the front.

I really like the hanging rails that I bought from CB2, enough so that I’m creating places where I can hang interesting fabric in the house just so I have a reason to buy more. Of course, if I wait until I actually find that interesting fabric to hang they won’t carry the hanging rails anymore. So I should go ahead and buy them, right? That is a good enough reason? Right?

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My homemade sun jar made it into the latest ReadyMade magazine, issue 28. It looks pretty and glowy in the magazine, giving no hint of it’s freezing cold origins. The sun jars we made that you see on my page had all been given away as gifts when ReadyMade contacted me. In order to get a jar to them in time to have it photographed I found myself standing in the snow on my back deck spray painting and hoping that it wouldn’t start snowing again. Luckily, everything worked out.

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up to

The Splendid Table

Pride & Prejudice


trying out:
Everyday Minerals


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for Easter

Very cool – Saffron meringue chicks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. Thanks to Farah for the heads up.

Tea eggs for the holidays at The Kitchen.

Craftzine – how to make onion eggs.

List of Easter projects at How About Orange.

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baseball and crafts

Craft magazine and TNNA is holding a Stitch n’ Pitch contest for baseball themed needlecrafts. You can enter in six categories and the winners get goody bags and exposure on the Craft site and TNNA expos, craft fairs, and throughout 2008 at the Stitch n’ Pitch road show. Pretty cool. There are full details on the contest page, as well as links to the Stitch n’ Pitch lineup. I must get myself out to a Stitch n’ Pitch game this year.

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seattle related

Seattle has a store for frozen dinners made from locally sourced foods – Eat Local. I’m looking forward to trying some of these out since my energy for cooking has been relegated to the weekends lately.

Ask Metafilter – What are the little gems of Seattle?

Waking Up On the Wrong Side Of the Country asks: Why are potato wedges called Jo-jos here? I encountered Jo-jos for the first time last week and am wondering this myself.

Links for keeping up with the Mount Rainier park restoration at GirlHacker.

Seattlest declares that the Spacecraft graffiti has jumped the shark. During the first year we lived here I spotted these off of I-5. It was all over a door that leads to a utility shed in the median, and the stencil was done over and over in a metallic paint. The first glimpse I had created the effect that it was a grandly carved gilt door (it made me think of cathedral doors) right there in the middle of urban nowhere. It was neat for the moment, like a stage craft effect.

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coca-cola classique

I’ve made a big deal here before about Canadian Coca-cola tasting better because they make it with sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. I’ve also mentioned the Kosher Coca-cola that is available this time of year, identifiable by a yellow cap, which is also made with sugar. See also: Mexican Coke. But every once in a while I read somebody who says they cannot taste the difference. We had a single can of Canadian Coca-cola left in the fridge so we decided to investigate.

I bought a 2-liter bottle of Kosher Coca-cola (I have never seen it in a smaller container) and a small bottle of regular Coca-cola. I realize that testing from all the same size of containers would have made for more fair comparisons but since all I had was a can of Canadian Coke and all I could find in the Kosher variety was 2-liter it was already a lost cause. I bought a small bottle of regular Coke since I didn’t want that much around. I left them in the same part of the fridge for a few days so they would all be at the same temperature. We sipped them out of small, stemless flutes.

Our verdict wasn’t surprising, but it was interesting to conduct the test. I couldn’t detect much of a difference in flavor between the three, but the difference in texture was easy to pick out. The Canadian Coke from a can was sharp and sweet, the Kosher Coke was diluted and maybe a little flat, very probably because it came from a big bottle. The regular Coke from the smaller bottle had the same flavor but was thick and sweeter. Scott said it had almost a honeyish consistency, that it was stickier and too sweet. The tongue coating and aftertaste in Coke made with high fructose corn syrup is what made me stop drinking it a long time ago, and after savoring our cans of Canadian Coke I can say that doesn’t happen with Coke made with sugar.

So, Canada, you win again. Please keep up the good work! update: It’s been confirmed, Canadian Coke does contain HFCS, so viva la Mexican Coca-cola!

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don’t mess with us

The FDA is currently considering relaxing the rules on what can be called chocolate in this country, but if we speak up we can influence them to keep the rules intact. Much more details about what is going on can be found at Candyblog: Don’t Mess With Our Chocolate! She includes links to further information and what you can do to help — including simply leaving a message online. Just as I was typing this Scott said, “We’re loosing the yummy wars.”

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simple sewing

I love Lotta Jansdotter’s book Simple Sewing, Patterns and How-to for 24 Fresh and Easy Projects. I have admired Lotta Jansdotter’s fabrics and goods for a long time now, and this book shows you how to to make things in the same style – whimsical but not goofy, useful but so nice to look at.

The book is spiral bound and lays flat open to any page, which is such a need in a book you’ll be referring to while your hands are full. Inside the front cover is a pocket holding the pattern pieces. This is the same as Amy Butler’s book In Stitches, in fact both are published by the smart people at Chronicle Books.

The front of the book goes over some basic sewing equipment and talks about different fibers. The back holds a glossary and shows some techniques. And there is a great resources page with descriptions and URLs for a bunch of online suppliers as well as sites about fabrics and textiles.

The projects are divided into chapters by function – Cook, Go, Nest, Organize. Each project has a description, list of materials needed, color photo and instructions including illustrated diagrams. You can peek at some pages at Amazon.

Each of these projects is functional and beautiful at the same time, and most of them are fairly simple things you could happily finish in a weekend at the slowest pace. This means you can spend most of your time searching for the perfect fabrics, of course. The projects range from potholders and napkins to sun hats, wall organizers, and even a whole duvet cover. Each object is straightforward, allowing the fabric used to create the interest. The patterns are mostly for things for your home, but there are a couple of apron patterns, a hat pattern and five bags (which would work really well for knitters or crafters).

I especially love the objects that could be ugly or clumsy which are made charming, like this door stop:

Simple, beautiful and function items for my home, how could I resist. Is it possible to have a crush on a book? Because I suspect that’s what I have.

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