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This weekend we tried to hang our mirror. We carefully found the center of the wall, the center of the mirror, used the laser level and the stud finder, and double checked our measurments. We used the wall anchors that came with the mirror and in the process of putting one in the wall, using a regular screwdriver, we managed to create a large drywall bubble and break the anchor itself. We combed through our existing screws and anchors and determined that a trip to the hardware store was needed, but of course it was Easter Sunday and no Lowe’s would be open, not even the heathen ones. So we’ll have to wait until we can find time again.

We also waiting on a bunch of other projects for the house. We’re waiting for the weather to be good on a free weekend day so we can paint the front and back doors and stain some wood I’m planning on using for a (hopefully) very cool but small shoe rack. We have the artwork we’d like to hang on the tall walls of the entryway, but we’re waiting for the pendant lamp I ordered to arrive so we can borrow a ladder and do all the hanging and futzing with electrical bits all at once. We’re waiting for the new grass seed in the back yard to grow and we’re waiting for I-don’t-know-what to create cat-proof landscaping in the front.

I really like the hanging rails that I bought from CB2, enough so that I’m creating places where I can hang interesting fabric in the house just so I have a reason to buy more. Of course, if I wait until I actually find that interesting fabric to hang they won’t carry the hanging rails anymore. So I should go ahead and buy them, right? That is a good enough reason? Right?

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  • 1 Amanda // Apr 9, 2007 at 10:09 am

    If your mirror is less than 75 lbs, and your wall is regular dry wall (not lath and plaster), you can use heavy duty D-rings on the back of your frame and 50-75 lb dry wall hooks in your wall- they don’t need to go into a stud. This makes for much smaller holes in your wall and it’s super strong. We hang even 100 lb mirrors like this in my shop with no problems at all. Visit your local friendly frame shop!

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