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I need to fit as many pieces of stemware in my cabinet as possible and I’m looking for something that will hang a single glass. I have found plenty of things like this rack for hanging one row of stemware which is small enough to mount inside a cabinet, but I really need things for single glasses. I’ve looked around but the only thing I can think of so far is to attach flip flop coaster to the underside of a shelf (which actually might work). Does anybody know of single stemware glass hangers?

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some serious electric kettle love

We bought an electric kettle last year and I’ve used it every single day. When we bought it we weren’t sure if we’d like it so we used a Target gift certificate and got a cheap model made of white plastic (the equivalent of this this one), not the best thing for the kitchen. So I’m thinking of getting a nicer one which I cannot stain when I somehow manage to splatter tomato sauce four feet across my counter.

My first thought is that I should get the one Alton Brown uses, which as far as I can tell is the Chef’s Choice Electric Hot Pot. It has a top that opens all the way, which would be nice for cleaning. But does anybody have this one? Are there disadvantages? Like, does the top flip open too easily and would I be more likely to pour too fast by mistake while sleepy and end up with hot water all over my slippers? Alton Brown used it to make vanilla creme brulee and the wide top came in handy then, but realistically I’m unlikely to attempt that recipe.


There is this Breville Stainless-Steel Electric Tea Kettle with a wide top, but the soft grip handle worries me as I can imagine it cracking or breaking down and getting sticky after a year. (This is the one Williams-Sonoma offers as well, which I see as a sign of distinction while knowing I’m completely being had by the powers of marketing.) There is a similar one made by Krups as well.


Chef’s Choice also has this more kettle shaped kettle, the Chef’s Choice 677 Electric Kettle, also this rounder one, Chef’s Choice 685 Electric Teakettle .


There are also the more traditional style of this one by Cuisinart, and the cute one by Russell Hobbs. I think I prefer the tall jug look of the previous ones, however, and they might have a smaller footprint on my limited countertop space.

Apartment Therapy occasionally brings up the electric kettle, most recently here at The Kitchen.

There is the one I wrote about on Readymade, the Utilitea Kettle which heats water to different temperatures, boiling for coffee and not quite boiling for green tea (which becomes bitter if steeped in too-hot water). It seems to be constantly backordered at Adagio Teas, but Jen (thanks Jen) tracked down a similar (perhaps the same?) one here at Upton Tea Imports.

Do you have an electric tea kettle? Would you recommend yours? Is $80 worth it since I know it’s something I’ll use every day?

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