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happy day

I hope you have a cozy day. I put up a few things for last minute valentines over at Readymade. Also check out the new Readymade video, the first one shows how to carve a “Key to My Heart” stamp. Aw.

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If you’re curious about the Deathcake, a Valentine’s creation by Seattle’s cupcake bakery Cupcake Royale, you can see pictures here in The Three Stages of Deathcake Royale over at Cupcakes Take The Cake. Ooh it’s so dark inside. The Deathcake was also interviewed for the Stranger’s Chow Bio this week.

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some things I’ve found useful

Last weekend I pulled out the ice cream scoop which I originally bought to make the birthday cupcakes. I realized I never showed off the little case I made for it. The case is make from oil cloth, it is squared at the bottom to allow room for the scoop, and it is flat at the top to accommodate the handle. I folded the end under to give more support for the large snap which holds it shut. It was easy to make.

I also wanted to show you this bag I made for my rolling pins:

I simply folded a tea towel in half lengthwise and stitched the bottom and side. I caught two pieces of ribbon in the seam near the top which are used to tie the bag shut. I think I saw this idea in a Martha Stewart magazine, but I was never able to find it again.

Trivia: The rolling pin bag is made from a Disgruntled Housewife towel which came with Smile and Act Nice schwag at a SXSW long ago. I keep the Smile and Act Nice pocket mirror from that same goodie bag with my knitting supplies. Nikol Lohr, the girl behind Disgruntled Housewife, has a book out: Naughty Needles: Sexy, Saucy Knits for the Bedroom and Beyond. As you can tell, I’ve been a fan for a while.

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promise I’ll scratch back

I’m kindly requesting a favor of you. I’d like for you to, please, vote for either John Moe or myself in this opening round of Blarch Badness, a Seattle blog competition thingy. We’re “U District Matchup 1″. I’ll explain more below.

poll code taken out, thanks for voting!

Apparently Not Martha has been entered into a local showdown of blogs over at Metroblogging Seattle. It’s called Blarch Badness, which I had to think about really hard before I understood what they were getting at since I’m something of a sports idiot. (If you don’t know either it’s combining the word blog with the phrase March Madness, which is something related to basketball.) Here is more about this whole Blarch Badness thing.

In my matchup I’m up against John Moe (quick bio). John Moe is a hero of mine. I’m faint with glee at being (digitally) this close to him.

About John Moe:

– He started out as an actor and playwright. (John Moe is sensitive!)

– He is a public radio guy. He used to work at KUOW, a local NPR station, doing The Works and sometimes the Power of Voice and recently took a job with Weekend America. (John Moe is smart!)

– He is the author of the recently published Conservatize Me, a book about spending a month immersed in right wingedness in an attempt to understand. (John Moe is brave!)

– He frequently contributes to McSweeneys. (John Moe is cool!)

– He has has funny lists on Amazon. (John Moe is can make you laugh!)

– He has his own blog, Monkey Disaster. (John Moe is down with technology!)

Awesome guy right?

So, I sort of want John Moe to win. I heart him, but asking for everybody to vote for my competition felt vaguely wrong. I decided to ignore it. But the whole thing is sort of fun. After some wine and some thought I realized what I really want is this: I’d like our showdown to be the most voted for of all the match ups in this round. At the time of this writing we have a total of 72 votes, while other matchups in this round have as many as 325. A few thousand of you visit this site each day and I know we could boost the vote count easily.

Here is my point: pretty please, make John Moe and I the most voted for. Vote for whomever you choose (vote John Moe!), but vote. We’re “U District Matchup 1″, you can vote once every browser session (I’m pretty sure), and the voting is open now until Thursday night, February 15th. No registration required, just click a radio button, easy as pie. My sincere thanks.

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up to

Imbibe magazine

pasta maker

Fair Game

digital camera

King sized cupcakes

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with your onion goggles on

I have a terrible time chopping onions, it usually results in me walking up and down the hall with uncontrollable tears streaming down my face. I’ve tried all the tips – flame, running water. If I’m very careful I take frequent breaks to walk round, but then dicing an onion takes an unreasonably long time. Recently Ugly Green Chair spotted these Onion Goggles, perfect.

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for my home

Some things I’d love to have for my home, but will have to wait until after we get some furniture at least.

Cereamic Hook Box to keep everything right there, at Design*Sponge.

This window projection light, reminds me of theater design and makes a nice window illusion. At the Elsewares booth at Accent on Design, at Design*Sponge.

Potted plant silouette window film, perfect for my kitchen window which doesn’t have much of a view, at Swiss Miss.

Daysago digital counter for the sadly often ignored items in my fridge, at Shelterrific.

This wall mounted floating shoe rack would fit just right into the back entry of my house, if only it came in a 16″ length. At gnr8.

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cupcake envy

On the left is the extra tall cupcake made by My Paper Crane, she said she used the Wilton King-Size Muffin Pan, I must have that pan. Next to it is a toffee crumble cupcake made by Cupcaketastic, with French banilla custard, Choux pastry balls and hard crack toffee.

Left is a Superbowl cupcake make by the Cupcake Queen. Right is a cupcake made by My Aim Is True for a Lost party, be sure to also check out the crudités served with Dharma Initiative Ranch Composite.

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A Very Brief History of Egg-Poaching, at Seattlest. My own swirl-less method is here, and tips from Alton Brown here.

My Favorite Stitch Markers at Bleu Arts. These are mine too, the way I hold the needles means hard stitch markers get in the way.

How to Break in Your New Cookbook, or prep the spine of any book, at Brownie Points.

Just Say No to Drano, at Apartment Therapy SF.

A bad TV house makeover here in Seattle. The thing done to the hardwood floors sounds the most heartbreaking.

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Shaun of the Dead

green curry



listenting to (audiobook):
Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony

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love lotta

This is making me a bit weak – Shelterrific is kindly telling us that everything on Lotta Jansdotter‘s site is 20% off when you enter “Be Mine” during check out. I want one of these tissue box covers for the next time I catch a cold, and the bags are seriously hard to resist.

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The deadline for entering your valentine into the Craft “Recycle Your Heart” Valentine’s Day Card Contest is this Friday at 5 PST. Read here for the specifics, along with some inspirational links. I’m excited to see what everybody comes up with. And Craft magazine just announced that the winners will receive a free one month subscription to The Sampler along with a copy of Craft .02 and a t-shirt. The Sampler is really cool, check it out if you don’t already know about it.

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things related to Valentines Day, some of them only vaguely

Free robot valentines to download, at Indie Fixx.

Valentines Candy Week at Candy Blog.

Valentine’s goods at Fred Flare, especially the art hearts by Chris Uphues.

DIY Valentines at Cool Hunting, they include the Instructables DIY sun jar.

Making big candles last longer by snuggling tea lights inside them, at Lifehacker. Thanks to Brownie Points for the heads up.

My favoritest window screen film yet with the shadows of potted plants, at Swiss Miss.

One Good Bumblebee’s jar of whimsies at Design*Sponge.

For those in Seattle, The Stranger restaurant listings now include the option to sort by who delivers.

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The Commitment

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Lip Gloss and Laptops

Big Love

Yosh perfumes


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warm food

Easy boneless buffalo wings, perfect for that sporting event that I hear is happening soon. At Megnut.

Eggrolls as lovingly prepared by Alicia’s awesome husband.

Steamed pork dumplings at The Kitchen.

Chili at The Amateur Gourmet.

Garlicky pasta with broccoli rabe (which I only recently found out is not the same thing as broccolini), at Shelterrific.

Beef stew recipes at Martha Stewart.

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