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Craft contest

Craft magazine has announced a new contest – “Recycle Your Heart” Valentine’s Day Card Contest. The challenge is to create a Valentine’s Day card using recycled materials. To enter you upload your entry to a special Flickr group by February 9th. I’m excited to be a guest judge for this contest. See all the details here over at Craft.

Also, the second issue of Craft is on news stands today.

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catching up

I used this weekend to catch up, and it feels so great. I filed everything remaining from 2006, finally put away the Christmas tree, mailed off a bunch of things to friends that had been waiting for a few weeks, cleaned all the receipts, recipes and old magnets off the fridge, and made soup which I froze it in preparation for a Soup Swap next weekend (which I’m very excited about). I made Mushroom-Barley Soup from How To Cook Everything and it can be labeled soup success, a nice surprise since it was the first time I’d made soup. It’s vegetarian, and doesn’t need any oil or fat (it doesn’t use a stock). I’m very impressed with it.

I have a question about one of the steps, see below.
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Evany on how to make those crocheted Christmas tress, I must learn to crochet.

Pensive Frog finds a bunch of origami stars.

Homemade winter lip balm at Brownie Points.

Pretty little fold-up boxes and felt eyeglass keepers at Martha Stewart.

Craft podcast with Amy Singer about her new book (which I’m so happy about) No Sheep for You: Knit Happy with Cotton, Silk, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo & Other Delights.

How to make a photo canvas at One Hour Craft.

Drawstring bag tutorial at Whip Up.

In praise of Chronicle books at Busywork, including news of this fabulousness: Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing: Patterns and How-To for 24 Fresh and Easy Projects.

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Chow gives us the Basic Chocolate Cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Also see Essentials for the home baker, I really gotta get myself a kitchen scale.

Lovely bright cupcakes at Yarnstorm.

Oh yum. Chocolate marshmallows from Brownie Points. She talks about the best way to incorporate the cocoa without deflating the marshmallow mixture.

David Rackoff shows Gourmet how to speedily deal with a pomegranate.

Oh how I wanted this tiny chocolate cake at Curiously Crafty to be edible.

“I’m a New Mom and I Have No Time to Cook” Turkey Chili at Words To Eat By.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories finds the no-knead bread makes pretty good pizza dough.

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do over

Due to illness (Scott seems to have caught my cold) and general overwork our trip to Vancouver has been postponed a few weeks, but thank you so much to everybody who left suggestions. I’m even more excited to take a little trip when I’m so well informed.

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spoiler alert

T-shirt of the week at Bookshelves of Doom. (Whom I love for having something called the Philip Pullman Club for authors who make us too too sad.)

On the way into a book store the other day Scott and I passed a poster for the last Harry Potter book. Scott said he was sure it had been listed on Amazon as “The Deathly Gallows”, which is so much more grim sounding than hallows.

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home improvements

Shelter installs an Ikea Lack shelf and discovers it’s a pain in the ass. We have three of these in our office room and luckily managed to hit at least one stud for each shelf.

Domicile makes this inspiration board which can take pins, gives great instructions, lets us know how to ask for Homasote at Home Depot, and has me thinking of all the places I need these.

Busywork makes a rollerblind using a kit. Notice the nice wooden top roller? The rollerblind kits I’ve seen in the US (so far) have cardboard tubes. Also take a look at dressing up a dressing table.

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Drugstore Doubles

Paula Begoun’s list of drugstore doubles, via Lip Gloss and Laptops. The double for Creme de La Mer is Dove Essential Nutrients Night Cream, which I was completely unable to find when I went to buy some today. According to “Essential Nutrients® Night Cream is now Deep Moisture Night Cream”, which I cannot find on the US site, just an SPF facial moisturizer. I guess I’ll add Deep Moisture Night Cream to my Canada to-do list and I’ll let you know if it’s working wonders the way I expect La Mer would if I were to shell out for it.

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Vancouver bound

We’re headed up to Vancouver next weekend and I’m compiling a list of Canadian-only things I must do:

– get some SPF 15 Anthelios sunscreen (previously)

– eat at Tim Horton’s many times

– find some pink grapefruit Mentos

– visit Daiso (though, this might have been recently made unnecessary as the Daiso in downtown Seattle has opened)

– visit The Perfume Shoppe, which I heard about on this episde (#3) of the Lip Gloss and Laptops podcast, which is a really great thing to listen to while sewing and lucky me they talk about Seattle quite a bit. They keep a great cosmetics blog in addition to the podcasts, take a look.

– visit Cupcakes on Denman.

If you’ve got any Canadian specific items or Vancouver suggestions I’d greatly appreciate hearing them!

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dutch ovens

The Kitchen has a little round up of dutch ovens and some links to good information, including this thread on Gardenweb comparing Staub and Le Creuset.

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under eye circles

Concealors people recommend at Sundry Buzz.

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A while back Cool Tools mentioned this Total Shaving Solution oil as a great shaving lubricant, and you can see where you are shaving. A little bit later someone wrote in that they use olive oil (sixth entry) to the same effect. Do you know, does olive oil work well for shaving? Or would I end up drawing blood?

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From Craft – how to sew a clasp purse and how to make a solid perfume.

Bird treats at Zhinka kinka doo.

Craftacular, a craft wiki which is sort of new but check out the tutorials and patterns already there.

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Burst in your mouth, learning how to make El Bulli style bubbles now that sodium alginate and calcium chloride are available to the average consumer. Fascinating, at Chow.

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to keep around

Urban Spoon Seattle

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