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what to do if your kids are more interested in the box the toy came in

I posted this over at Readymade but I like it a lot so I’m going to post it here too. Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets allow you to construct sturdy play structures from large appliance boxes and he offers really great plans for castles, fire engines, trains, a princess carriage and even Santa’s sleigh. Take a look at these examples sent in by happy customers and tell me your inner third grader isn’t jealous you didn’t have that. Found via Cool Tools.

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drowning in holiday food

1017 grams of butter – Smitten Kitchen makes Ina’s Pecan Squares and now I want to make them too.

The Often Maligned Chocolate Pudding at Brownie Points.

Extreme Triple-Ginger Spice Cookies at A Finger in Every Pie.

Crispy Potato Pancakes at The Food Section.

Top 25 Food Hacks at Slashfood.

Gifts from the kitchen, at The Kitchen.

And 101 Cookbooks Holiday Gift Guide.

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Leslie Harpold

The first time I ever grabbed an image to use as desktop wallpaper it was 1999, maybe 98, and I used one from this little journey created by Leslie Harpold. Hers was one of the first personal sites I read and it took me to places on the web I loved her for. I did not know her well and we met only once, but she kept in touch and each time we’d exchange emails it was like talking with an old friend. Merlin Mann said it best: Leslie made every one of her friends feel like a fucking rock star, whether they wanted to or not. I am incredibly sad to learn of her death. I will miss you Leslie.

More remembrances at delicious.

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my family was more of the puzzle variety

The 2006 Good Gift Games. By Matthew Baldwin for The Morning News.

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invest in beans

I have about $20 to keep me fed until Thursday night. at Ask Metafilter.

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don’t drink and be too young

candy shot glasses at Oriental Trading Co.

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treasure map

Candy Blog has created a 2006 Gift Guide Map of chocolate in America. The map is made up of chocolates she has actually tried and liked, and readers have left their favorites in the comments so take a look at those as well.

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Knitty winter 2006

The winter edition of Knitty is out and I’m loving the stuffed animals included in the patterns – Norberta the dragon and Sheldon the Turtle. See also the geeky goodness of the Binary scarf.

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Xmas goodness

Monster Stockings by Crafty Robot.

From Scott: a gingerbread Star Wars Tie Fighter and even a gingerbread At-At.

The photograph of Alicia’s pink-nonpareil sprinkled hot cocoa makes me all happy inside. She links to these cocoa in a jar recipes by Sunset magazine, they are so pretty.

The Stranger seeks the best hot chocolate in the city. (If you live in Seattle and have more suggestions I, for one, would be happy to listen!)

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food stuff

Gingerbread watch ’06 at Pound. I cannot wait to see what she makes this year (see her creation from last year).

Pensive Frog calls the no-knead bread a disappointing PITA, but then kindly points us to this recipe for chewy Italian bread.

Crunchy sugar almonds at Sugar Savvy.

Recipe for Buckeyes at The Kitchen.

And Christine of Really Bad Cleveland Accent sent me to this recipe for Goetta, something I had never heard of before. I think it looks delicious, but I might just be too lazy to make it myself. Have you eaten this? How is it?

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special days

I love advent calendars, and Leslie’s Advent Calendar is the best of all. This year each day we get a strange Christmas memory, a link, and a little bit of zazz. So far we’ve been gifted a paint your own Xmas scene, a dress up Santa and a recipe for sugarplums.

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no-knead bread, some more

Mark Bittman has a follow up article about the no-knead bread including weight vs. volume, salt, pot sizes, other shapes and other flours. And, you can still watch the video with Jim Lahey making the bread.

Some discussion of enameled cast iron pots is going on over at this picture on Flickr. At the moment I’m still interested in oval pots primarily to shape the bread (which I anticipate making regularly), but I’m warming up to the idea of a round pot since there are more affordable options out there and I think it might be even better for using to make stews. Do you have a cast iron pot? Do you love it?

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gift guides: secondarily and tertiarily

– The Food Section’s Guide to Holiday Gift Guides, and also their own Food Section Gift Guide.

– Mighty Goods 2006 Holiday Guide and the 2006 Covet Guide. A huge congratulations go out to Maggie for her interview on NPR last weekend!

Make’s Open Source Gift Guide

Photojojo’s holiday gift guide

Treehugger’s Gift Guide (thrillingly long!)

Quint’s Gift Guide at Ain’t It Cool News, multiple parts

– and this handy Indie Fixx’s guide to holiday craft shows.

– also see my own little list of things on Amazon, it’s my own store! and I cannot stop adding stuff to it!

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I failed to capture the sun in a jar

Yesterday I attempted to make a DIY sun jar using these teriffic instructions by Cre8tor at Instructables. Go read those and come back here. Ok? So, I went out and found some reasonably priced solar garden lights and when I opened the box I was pleased to find they were unassembled, which allowed me to get to the wire bits more easily.

The parts came unassembled.

All I have to do is unscrew the bottom panel.

[

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status update

I’m nearly settled into WordPress. We added a search box to the archives & categories page, recent comments to the side bar on the home page, the individual project pages now have comments of their own, and I’m working my way through the archive redoing some formatting and putting old posts into categories. The only thing left to fix is the breakage of old archive links, the old Blogger archive pages are still there, but a redirect thingy is stopping access to them. Until I can tweak the redirect without breaking the things it’s there for I suppose we can all use the search.

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