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coffee vs. no coffee

First new rule in my house: When doing the dishes one shall not hide the coffee making implement on the drying rack underneath heavy breakable dishes. One shall perch the coffee making implement on top of the pile of drying dishes so as to smooth the morning path from no coffee to coffee.

Second new rule in my house: One shall never let the coffee filters run out.

It has been a frustrating morning.

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  • 1 paperdoll // Dec 5, 2006 at 6:41 am

    A paper towel can be folded in such a way as to make an acceptable emergency substitute for cone shaped coffee filters. Fold corner to corner twice, then open so that one side has three layers and one has one. I’m always paranoid about the weird chemicals in paper towels, but hey…the consequences of no coffee seem to far outweigh any the consequences of the chemicals.

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