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I live in a state with mail in ballots, it makes it incredibly easy to vote. But I have to admit I do miss going to the polls. In Cleveland this meant going to my high school gym where a group of volunteers would offer me cookies and a sticker after I came out of the curtained box and ask how my parents were. In San Francisco the polls were the deliveries garage of a hotel a half a block away from my apartment, the same dignified man in a good suit would hand me my ballots each year and everybody there was quiet. Another downside to the mail in ballot system is that it can take a while for the counting to get done, so today I’ll be watching as things unfold and hoping we get solid results in under a week. Go out and vote today, and afterwards you can listen to this segment on NPR where Melissa Block interviews two voice over artists who get a lot of work on attack ads, and they manage to make nursery rhymes sound threatening. via The Morning News.

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