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left: Thorax Cake from They’re Coming, right: Long Pig from I Make Project’s Halloween Supper. Yikes.

I put up a post at Readymade all about extra disgusting food for Halloween. I think I’m a little overwhelmed by the food served inside of rib cages.

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Easy iBook stand at Ikea Hacker.

Making your own Pez refills at Ask Metafilter.

How to reupholster a 50’s dinette chair at Craft.

Really cool rugs by Both Textile Construction at Design Sponge.

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Chow, formerly a magazine, has officially re-emerged in website form and it’s making me happy. They have food stories, recipes, and a blog (made up of a few little blogs) called The Grinder, which counts The Food Section‘s Josh Friendland as a contributor.

The site is shiny new and everything is easy to search and navigate. Some things which caught my eye: drink recipes for the Casino and a drink named Ruby on Rails which was served at the Chow launch party, and Make Your Own Soda Pop. I like the How-To and Nagging Questions (what’s the white stuff on grapes?) in the Stories section. And I’ve been eyeing Snackie Cakes, recreations of our favorite lunch sack inserts.

See also: A very nice version of a pink Hostess Sno Ball at Leite’s Culinaria using Italian meringue in Some Like It Pink.

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Oct. 6th – The opening reception for the Plush You! show at Schmancy and Fancy + Pants. The show will be up through November 2nd.

Oct. 11thJohn Hodgman will be at the Elliot Bay Book Company with the paperback edition of his book The Areas of My Expertise. I believe he’ll be bringing along the amazing Johnathan Coulton, making this a night to avoid missing if at all possible.

updated: Jonathan Coulton has announced he’ll be doing a show at the Showbox the night of the reading. We went to the last show there, during Bumbershoot weekend, and it was excellent. Details.

And here are some good suggestions for Autumn-y things to do near Seattle.

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I had an excuse to visit Home Cake Decorating Supply yesterday and it was great, I had been hoping to return. Since I don’t live in the Northern part of Seattle anymore I don’t get to the shop nearly as much as I’d like. The Halloween stuff was out and my absolute favorite was a cupcake pick in the shape of a little trick or treating bag. It was plastic and the bag was just big enough to hold a few candy corns. Of course, you can make your own trick or treat cupcakes by using something like the Boo Bags project at ReadyMade and gluing them to sticks.

Some things I browsed through at Home Cake which I hadn’t before were a bunch of hard candy molds (note to self: next time check to see if she has pig molds to make peppermint pigs), more sugar flowers than I thought possible, and colored paper cups like the ones which Chockylit uses to bake cupcakes in. The hard candy molds got me thinking about making my own herbal candies for the sore throat season, I’m thinking something like these tea lollipops.

You can see pictures of the store over at Seattle Bon Vivant.

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I received my issue of the very first Craft magazine in the mail today and I am really enjoying it. I only recently watched Project Runway Season 2 so I’m excited to read the interview with Diana Eng. And of course, I’m really flattered that the knited wig was included in the Curio section. Thank you Craft. The magazine is so thick it’ll take me a while to get through it, but I definitely recommend grabbing a copy.

p.s. The wig in the picture is a little different from the Knitty pattern, to create the flip at the bottom simply do a dozen or so rows of stockinette before you start the ribbing, and eye the overall length before you cast on the bangs.

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We fried, we ate, we sort of regretted the eating. But the making sure was fun. We only got through three things before we had to call it and go on a long walk: mac and cheese, Twinkies and Snickers. You are warned that pictures of deep fried foods which are not meant to be deep fried do not look appetizing. Go see what I found out here.

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Design*sponge has opened the design*sponge shop filled with lovely things, go take a look. And the shop is all sorts of goodness: the pieces offered are by emerging designers and are created just for the shop, all the proceeds from sales go to those designers, and 10% of the ad revenue goes to charity, a new one each cycle. This time I find myself liking the ceramic goods quite a lot.

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