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This morning I found a way to make hard boiled eggs which was completely new to me – steaming. Simply, put a vegetable steamer in a pot and a little water, add eggs and a lid and let the water boil for 11 or 12 minutes. Transfer the eggs to ice water for a few minutes, and find that they are quite easy to peel. The eggs were well done, no green bits and nothing was too rubbery. While the method of bringing eggs to an almost boil and letting them sit for 15 minutes seems to be the most popular, I never caught them before the boiling, and then I would inevitably leave them too long despite my frantic use of a kitchen timer. The steaming method means I don’t have to watch them as closely. I found it in Alton Brown’s I’m Just Here For the Food, and a few cooking forums I Googled gave the method thumbs up.

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