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Lazy “Pie”, at Dessert First. This one is for Scott, lover of fruit and dough of all kinds.

Such pretty baked eggs at Orangette, I must try these. These are completely unlike the first baked eggs I ever had, but still bring me fond memories of where I had them — Doidge’s.

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Soft boxes made of fabric and felt, at Whip Up. I’ve been thinking about these lately, and I saw some nice bins, used for display, made of vinyl when I visited Smoking Lily in Vancouver.

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I’ve been a fan of the things Tops Malibu makes for a while, and it’s great to see this page on the story of the surprise ball show up on their site. I remember getting a very small small surprise ball out of a gumball machine in, I think, Oklahoma as a kid. It was so much fun to discover and I never forgot about it, so when I found the Tops Malibu surprise balls being sold in a shop near my apartment in San Francisco a few years ago I was very pleased to find out they were still being made.

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Since Tivo won’t let me program in new shows until they show up in the Tivo list, here is a list of when all the shows this season start. Also see Salon’s grids to the new comedies and the dramas.

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PlantMinder water bulb, this is what my plant killing self needs.

Many suggestions on getting chewing gum out of jeans.

Kitchen Myths, baking soda does not absorb odors in your fridge, wow, I feel like my world has come apart a little bit.

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Last year I stumbled across a display of fabulous gingerbread houses made by architecture firms. Turns out it’s an annual display set up in a mall in Seattle, and somewhere this translates into money for charity. I noticed that a few of the gingerbread houses used a clear material for windows that looked like it had been etched in a diamond pattern. You can see it best in the windows here in the set of pictures taken by Jeff Barr. I couldn’t figure out what they had used to make those windows, and my best guess was something like these 3M clear removable mounting squares, except without the labeled backing. It made a sort of sense, it seems like something you’d have sitting around in an architecture firm. But of course, the mounting squares aren’t edible so either I was wrong, or they were cheating.

Last week I found out what those windows are made of while watching an episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats – it is simply dry gelatin sheets, and it’s not exactly a secret. So there you are, if you’re planning a gingerbread house this year and you’d like it to kick all sorts of gingerbread house ass, you’ve got your window material.

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