Not Martha


Today I went to a supermarket alone and bought: a box of twinkies, a six pack of snickers bars, a bag of string (mozarella) cheese, frozen jalepeno poppers, frozen perogies, and frozen pork appetizers. Standing in the checkout line I realized my cart looked an awful lot like it was the prop for an after school special about bulimia. But here is what I’m actually planning — County Fair Fried Food Day. I didn’t make it the Puyallup fair, and the report I hear on NPR from the LA county fair reported a lack of fried Twinkies, which I’ve always wanted to try. I’m already planning to fry some mac and cheese, why not use the large amount of oil wisely and eat things that are delicious and terrible for me all day long? I bought in bulk because I anticipate failures. I’ll report back. Now I’m off to research deep fry batter recipes and if the Snickers should be frozen before being coated and plunged into hot oil.

updated: Wow, not only does Wikipedia have an entry for deep frying they also have entries for deep fried Twinkies and deep fried Mars bars.

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