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I secretly adore tacky novelty foods. I get quite excited about the fact that pizza delivery chains consistently come up with new things to do with the crust, and when they are in a dry spell they use the pizza dough to create a dessert concoction. I read with interest when the Taco Bell chain included grill presses in all their stores in order to make grilled burritos, and then came up with the Crunchwrap thing which I think is a fabulous way to use all the same ingredients and just make them into a differnt shape. I love the holiday variations on candies and cookie dough in a tube. I admire the various frozen things we can put into toasters. I think my absolute favorite toy food remains the instant oatmeal I had from a few years back. It contained pressed sugar treasure chests which would dissolve in the hot water revealing tiny sugar keys, gold coins and jewels. It tasted terrible, but I was so enchanted by it. I think the equivalent these days involved dinosaurs coming out of eggs.

Do I eat these things? Rarely, this stuff is really bad for you. I mostly stick with a policy of look but don’t touch.

But when I saw this today over at Boing Boing I just had to share:

It’s even chocolate chip pancakes. Oh goodness how I adore the idea that somebody first thought up this, and then managed to get it made. I’m swooning with the excitement of utter ridiculousness. I mean I know about pigs in a blanket, but this has a whole corn dog hybrid thing going on. Bravo.

There is so much more at the Junk Food Blog, and at Strange New Products.

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