Not Martha


Yesterday I found something I’ve been seeking for a long time – a warm, snuggly, soft, fuzzy sweater that is acrylic. You heard me. See, my skin is so sensitive to animal fibers that even the softest Merino feels like thousands of little needles. A regular wool sweater over a shirt will dig and scratch, and even cashmere against my skin in unbearable. It sucks. I’ve avoided animal fibers for so long that even I started to think I was exaggerating. So while I’ve been out shopping lately I’ve been trying on soft sweaters. The merino/cashmere/alpaca will feel wonderfully soft against my fingertips, but when I slip my arm through it’s all getitoff!getitoff!. I long for those warm, fluffy sweaters you see in magazines, but for me it’s been heavy, drafty cotton. I can find plenty of non-animal fiber versions of lighter weight sweaters, and of course there is always the eternally casual fleece. (We won’t even go over chenille, I just cannot take myself to that place.)

But then, yesterday at a department store I found a cardigan that is soft! even against my bare arms! I’m sure it’ll pill terribly, or not be as soft once it’s washed. In order to fight the very strong Go And Get One In Every Color urge I’m doing my best to expose the sweater’s flaws by wearing it in quickly (a change for me, I tend to let new purchases sit wrapped up in their shopping bags on my shelf for a week or so before I start to use them). But until those flaws show up I have a snuggly sweater just like everybody else. Now, if they’ll just make a turtleneck version I’ll be set for Autumn.

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