Not Martha


My two year old el-cheapo toaster recently died so I set out to get a new one. While I really wanted the $60 or $70 tangerine Kitchenaid toaster my cheap, er, frugal side won out and I decided to buy in the $20 – $30 range. The first one had a little metal piece inside so that when the toast popped up it would catch, fold over, and be thoroughly stuck inside the toaster. The second one sported spooky blue lit buttons that looked silly. I finally settled on this basic brushed metal and black one made by Oster ($30, $25 if you can find it at Sears). I bet it would have been a little easier to find if I’d know about Wize earlier. It collects sites with user reviews as well as expert reviews, in this case Cooks’ Illustrated. I mean, I do look at user reviews but Epinions has become so cluttered, and I suspect a lot of the reviews on Amazon are written by bitchy morons*, so mostly I don’t find it’s worth the trouble digging for reviews myself. Wize seems to do a lot of the work for me, neato.

* Not yours, dear reader, yours are of course reasoned and very helpful product reviews which I thank you for.

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