Not Martha


Last year I stumbled across a display of fabulous gingerbread houses made by architecture firms. Turns out it’s an annual display set up in a mall in Seattle, and somewhere this translates into money for charity. I noticed that a few of the gingerbread houses used a clear material for windows that looked like it had been etched in a diamond pattern. You can see it best in the windows here in the set of pictures taken by Jeff Barr. I couldn’t figure out what they had used to make those windows, and my best guess was something like these 3M clear removable mounting squares, except without the labeled backing. It made a sort of sense, it seems like something you’d have sitting around in an architecture firm. But of course, the mounting squares aren’t edible so either I was wrong, or they were cheating.

Last week I found out what those windows are made of while watching an episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats – it is simply dry gelatin sheets, and it’s not exactly a secret. So there you are, if you’re planning a gingerbread house this year and you’d like it to kick all sorts of gingerbread house ass, you’ve got your window material.

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