Not Martha


Look —, the website for Craft magazine (an offshoot of Make magazine) is up and running along.

All of the biggies in the craft world have been featured, including two from Seattle! Kristin Rask who does the Plush You show at her store Schmancy*, and Stuart who does Sew Dorky, the makers of fine felt donuts and teeth.

This morning on Flickr I spotted some robot dolls made by My Paper Crane which are apparently part of Craft’s press kit, how cool.

* Schmancy is part of three shops on the same block which are called Fancy (jewelry and accessories), Schmancy (cool toys and collectibles) and Pants (undies). I’m tickled by the coordination. And, they have a collective site here on Livejournal.

(I think my knitted wig might be in the first issue of Craft. I’m afraid that around the time they needed a good photograph I was in the process of moving in and painting our house and I couldn’t find my camera anywhere, I was incredibly embarrassed, how unprofessional!)

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