Not Martha


I have not followed a sewing pattern in quite a while, but I’m attempting one now and it’s a headache. I had forgotten how patterns are splintered into instructions for the various options and you have to jump back and forth from the main list to replace steps 3B, 4D, 4F, 4G, 4J and 5C with these special ones over here, on a completely different piece of paper on which is printed a pattern piece for the object unrelated to the one you’re actually working on. Next time someone tells me “I can’t sew” I’ll just nod mutely instead of trying to offer encouragement. I sat down to type out the steps for my version of what I’m making into one coherent set of instructions and felt like I was back in high school typing class. (That class was considered a joke but ultimately turned out to be the most useful thing I learned in four years of high school. The instructor was my high school’s version of Richard Vernon. Thank you silly man, wherever you may be.)

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