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(Previously: we had the closet knocked out of our itty-bitty bedroom, and now we’re adding clothing storage from Ikea.)

Last night we raised the Pax cabinets, tonight we assemble and add all the shelf and drawer bits. We went without cabinet doors because our bedroom is so small that anything that requires us to get out of the way of is a good thing to avoid.

imposing, and these aren’t even the tallest version

We had originally planned on having four narrow cabinets, two for each of us. But once we got it home I discovered that with four, it would leave less than 2 inches of clearance for the door to open. We agreed we can share the center unit for the sake of keeping things feeling not squashed. I measured carefully but somehow convinced myself four units would leave us with about 10 inches of space next to the open door. My fantasies are growing stronger I guess.

Picking out the drawers was fun, Ikea has a Pax planner on their website, and they have computers available in the store so you can arrange it there and print it out with a shopping list (beware, lots of the Komplement pieces in the planner software aren’t actually available IRL, nice that). I am currently avoiding any sort of wire for the house – no baskets or shelves (more on this when we get to my about-to-be-finalized kitchen storage). Wire simply creates too many troubles for smaller things. Besides, Ikea has decided to phase out it’s matte silver Pax wire accessories for a matte brownish wire, which they call “Champagne”. I guess it sort of blends in with the wood veneer, but I just didn’t like it. So we went with plastic slide out boxes and the nice slide out shelves and drawers in the wood finish. (See the Ikea-generated diagram two posts down for the general idea.)

This was fun – the Pax hardware came with this little plastic thing which holds the nails in exactly the right spot for you when you’re tacking down the back. It was oh so convenient. I remember having something like this when we assembled the Jerker, that time for allowing little hardware bits to fall nicely into the pre-cut holes.

Next we have to find a bed frame that is not any wider than the mattress itself – we have about 15 inches on either side of the bed and I refuse to give up much. I have a plan to hang a few mirrors high up to reflect some light from the window and create that illusion of more space – Maggie’s picture from the Ace Hotel is my inspiration. Then we’ll add a cushy headboard, mount small shelves as beside tables (keeping them off the floor will add yet more illusion of space, and leave me somewhere to stash my slippers), a hook for my robe and some wall mounted reading lights and we’re happy. Maybe a fuzzy rug at the foot of the bed too.

We were planning to hang a curtain from the ceiling to hide the Pax cabinets, but then I heard these words over at Apartment Therapy: hospital track, and I decided to use something filmy to hide the door, and while I’m at it cover the window as well:

I’m hoping for sort of an escape from it all feel, but we’ll see if it just makes the already small room way-too-small. It’ll be fully slidable so it can only cover the closet if we like, or just the closet and door. We’ve found a theatre supply place here in Seattle that offers the track, and Scott is planning on using it with heavy curtains to soundproof his recording room. If he finds the custom made curtains outside of his music budget, I’m all over sewing them myself (hello Rosebrand Velour closeout lists.)

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