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things related to grooming:

Mi Spa Lip Balm looks great, at Outblush.

Avon Instant Manicure, like press-on nail color? wha? At Popgadget.

Commitment-free hair color in a bottle by ARTec, at Shop Etc.

What you crave, what your body is trying to tell you, and what you should eat instead. So interesting. Looks like I should take lots of calcium. Via Cinnamon at Did you know…?.

Decently priced facial moisturizers, lots of great recommendations. Also, not so greasy body moisturizers, at Ask Metafilter.

The best sunscreen: Anthelios XL. It’s not available in the US and the FDA isn’t giving a reason, I’m suspicious. At David Lebovitz.

A Microplane file for your feet? Yes, and apparently it’s really good. Also at David Lebovitz.

I recently went on a little search for a sun hat and I chose the Physician Endorsed* St. Tropez. It’s machine washable cotton, crushable, SPF rated, comparably cute, and available at Macy’s in the summer.

* That is the rather awkward brand name.

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